May 13th, 2004

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Sketch Comedy Discount - Last Weekend!

Hi everyone!

I’d like to invite you your last chance to see a great sketch comedy show at a discount! Train of Thought > New York, is showing this Friday, May 13th and Saturday, May 14th at Northwest Actor’s Studio, The Cabaret Theater: 3rd Floor @ 10 PM.

The Discount Part: Print out this LiveJournal post and get $2 off at the door! This offer is available to everyone, so be sure to pass it along to your friends! It’s valid May 14th and 15th only. It's the last weekend this discount is available!

Train of Thought is the only sketch group that creates sketch comedy shows based around one word, in this case, New York! Come see the group The Seattle Sinner called “remarkable” and “well written, continuously hysterical and deeply intelligent". Full review here.

Plus, The Cabaret Theater features a full bar (beer and liquor) and all the seating is comfy couches and lounge chairs!

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More information is available at

See you there!


PS: Of course, one per customer and all that.
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RENT tickets

I have two tickets to see RENT at the Pantages Theater in Tacoma on Tuesday 5/18. Unfortunately, I can't go because of other commitments that I can't get out of. If anyone is interested, these are VERY GOOD SEATS. I paid $65/ticket, but they will go to whoever gives me the best begin negotiations! Leave a comment if interested.


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I heard about some labor strike at grocery stores in the area, but I wanna know more specifics, like which stores exactly and when are they starting this because I've seen no activity at the stores nearby. I also hear QFC may have reached an agreement of some sort. But the reason I wanna know because I figure it'll be a good idea to work as a scab and earn nearly twice the amount of mininum wage. I've been outta work for 6 months and its driving me nuts!

btw, I live in Federal Way, if that helps any.
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Sunday, May 16h

THIS Sunday (copied form The Stranger)

"The tough non-assholes Rat City Rollergirls, a roller-derby team who've been gracious enough to invite me into their fold (to observe and relive the passion I had for the old televised, weekly sport I watched as a bruiser-lovin' 4-year-old) are having a fundraiser on Sunday, May 16, at the Fun House, featuring bands Ball with Tail and Chronic Disorder. Demon of the Derby: The Ann Calvello Story will be screened, as well as Bay City Bombers, the awesome 1972 roller-derby film featuring Raquel Welch as the hottest roller warrior you'll ever see. Things kick off at 4:00 p.m., and it's give what you can."

Rat City Roller Girls
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FYI: Rally on Friday, May 14 at Federal Building, Downtown Seattle

Just got this from a friend:

Please join us, and spread the word as widely as possible, for the Peaceful and Silent Rally at the Federal Building in downtown Seattle to end the occupation of Iraq.

The Rally will be on Friday, May 14 from 3:30 TO 5:00 PM, at the Jackson Federal Building, 915 Second Ave Seattle, WA.

Please come early. Come in peace. All positive banners and posters are welcome.

Please forward this message as widely as possible to all who support an end to the Occupation of Iraq.
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Hey all...i'm going to be attending the Seattle Film Fest. between June 3rd (thursday) and June 6th. Mainly to see the Christopher Doyle masterclass. Anyways, I'm going to be staying downtown and I won't have a car.

Any cool places to eat? nice bars? clubs?

my background:

use to do the whole 'rave' thing. now it's mostly reserved for jungle and deep house. I enjoy lots of indierock (death cab, iron and wine, decemberists etc), and am pretty big on hip hop as well (slum village, atmosphere, jay dee, madlib, shit like that).

and for eating well i like everything! sadly not big on seafood (although i like sushi/sashimi) since i'll be in seattle.

also i'm kind of an asian film nerd, does seattle have a chinatown??

any advice on how to spend extra time would be great!
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(no subject)

I feel so bad for my aunt Diane. She was at the Evergreen-Washelli cemetery in Shoreline, WA on Sunday, laying flowers at the grave of my grandmother (her mother). She left her car for just that short amount of time, and returned to find that her purse had been stolen. She lost her cell phone, all of her ID, her social security card, and her keys. By the time she returned home in Everett, she found out that the thief had already started charging on her credit card. She has since had to pay for all new keys in her apartment building (for all of the tenants). She also had to put up around $300 to have her car re-keyed, and she had to get a new cell phone.
I'm hoping that maybe if I can get the story out there, perhaps someone will have information on who might have done this. I love my aunt very much, and for something like this to happen to her while she was visiting her mother's grave for the first time on Mother's day (she passed last Summer), it's just not right.
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Tonight Thursday 5/13

Thursday May 13th Punk and Disorderly live! @ the Mercury. Three live bands only $4.00!

Tonight's line up:

w/ your host dj panix

We're located at
1009 E Union
(under Auto Battery)
In beautiful Capitol Hill!

21+ (full bar, tasty beverages)

Doors @ 9

Yet another tourist post

I'm sure you get these all the time and I've looked at a few of the comments, but I need a specially taylored thread.

I'm 26 and lived in Baton Rouge, Louisiana all my life. My mother and I are going to visit some family in a suburb of Seattle for about a week in June or July. I'm most likely not going to be bar hopping or anything. I am just looking for a good all-around Seattle experience.. or answer any of these questions:

What are the suggested places to go? (even if they arent touristy)
Some unique or good inexpensive restaurants?
Is there whale watching anywhere around there?
What should I avoid? (dos and donts of Seattle)
What do you like and dislike about Seattle?
Any festivals or anything that moms would dig going on this summer?