May 12th, 2004

i'm giving you lip.

solo activities (is there a way to make that sound less... you know...?)

let's say, for example, that i am a single 22 year old woman that would like to meet new people. let's assume that i'm looking for activities to do alone in the hopes of an occasional serendipitous encounter, assuming myself and all other parties involved aren't acting aloof, uninterested, or generally unapproachable.

so far my brilliant brainstorming session has left me with either coffee, museums, museums while sipping coffee and coffee musuems -- in other words, not much.

i'm tired of the bar scene. okay i lied, i'm not. i enjoy it with friends, but i can't say that i've ever met anyone at a bar that turned into anything more than a passing friend or a drunken flirtation. it's time to branch out, yanno?

i'm just looking for comfortable 'alone activities' that may put me in a position to meet all kinds of new and interesting people.

restaurants hiring?

in the same vein as my other post, i know that a new place of employ could possibly introduce me to a handful of new people. it just so happens i'm in the marketplace for a new job, so why not multitask?

i've been keeping an eye on the classifieds and craigslist, but i know that the turnover rate in the food service industry is such that many of the opportunities will never make it to print.

have any of you seen or heard of any openings (preferably for a server position) in restaurants in the seattle area?

thanks for all of your help.
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9 week old kitten

So the friend that got the allergic. Go figure.
I wanted to post this here hoping a loving home might want to adopt her adorable kitten:

9 weeks old, black with white tufts, medium haired.
She's fixed, micro chipped, has all shots, negative for feline leukemia.
She's super friendly, NOT shy or timid. Always wants everyone to pet her.

She comes with a sherpa carrying bag, bed, 2 cat boxes, toys, littler, lots of food, scratching post.

She's looking to recoup some of that if you take the cat. The most important thing is that she goes to a good home.
Please call her if interested, looking for "best offer" but a lovely home for the kitten =)

Stacy-Michelle @ 206.499.5337
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(no subject)

I'm looking for a disgustingly nice vintage schwinn for my boyfriends MBA graduation and was wondering if seattle had any good shops to check out? Ive looked in OR with no luck....

thanks in advance!
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Computer for sale...

Ahso - I have a computer to sell, if anyone's interested.

1gig AMD Thunderbird processor, 640mb RAM, 7 (I think?) gig hard drive, CD-ROM (but no floppy), ethernet card, 2 USB ports. The video card is a Triton 64mb card, I don't know offhand exactly what model it is but I do know it runs games like Diablo II and Age of Empires II and Age of Mythology without any problems. I'm installing Windows 2000 Professional and Office 2000 either tonight or tomorrow (though the CDs aren't included) unless someone wants it without an OS and says so. Also includes a 17" monitor (or two, maybe, if you want). It'd be a good student machine, kid's computer, or linux box. Would also be a decent firewall box with the addition of a second network card. I'm looking for around $200 for the computer and monitor together.

If you're interested, comment here or send email to faecat (at) livejournal (dot) com. Thanks!

get involved with national politics on the local level...

The presidential election is quickly approaching and washington is among the list of "swing states" that may go either way. I recently joined some friends and coworkers in putting together The Next Step, a seattle non-profit who's goal is to work the ground in Washington to help get people to vote. We organize social grassroots events to get the word out and gather interest in our cause.

Collapse )

If you're interested in joining or getting involved, you can subscribe to our e-mail list from our homepage. Our e-mails will inform you on upcoming events and direct you toward key sites to visit to learn more about what's going on in the area.

Please vote. Please get involved. A change needs to be made and we must stand up to initiate it...

Moderator of next_step_2004 and one of The Next Step 2004 leaders.
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Dear person that found the letter I dropped on the bus and mailed it for me:

You rock my happy little world. If I knew who you were, I would hug you.


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i've got music, i've got

extra tickets to see monty pyton's life of brian on friday May 14 (7:15pm) at the neptune theater. friends canceled on me for *gasp* spring fling and magic flute (that's understandable).

the tickets will not be given away because i must recover at least the ticket cost ($9 per ticket). leave a comment and i'll reserve the ticket for you and sell it to you when i pick them up on friday at least half an hour before the movie starts. i am the girl with beret bleu.

i am terrified of the gammar police so i came back and corrected my subject. *running away*
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The University of Washington is looking for patients to participate in the WREB Dental Board Examinations between June 17-19.

Free X-rays and Screening Exam.

Free Dentistry for Qualifying patients, including:

Amalgam/Composite-resin restorations (fillings), Periodontal Cleaning

If you would like to schedule a screening appts, they are being scheduled for Thursdays. Please call Shelley or Tammy at 206-685-2344

Apparently they are fairly desperate for patients. If you need any more info, let me know and I will ask and answer questions on your behalf.

Edited to add: Yes, you get to keep the X-rays. No, they are not doing anything more complex than fillings or cleanings.
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I joined this community after reading the dental post. And because, I LOVE SEATTLE :) and want to learn more about what goes on here. I've lived here since June of '98 and still haven't a clue.

So, I hope this will be enlightening for me.
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(no subject)

uh oh. I took a huge risk and asked a guy out last night. He accepted, but nnow, I have to come up with something to do for thursday night... I need help, any suggestions? we're in the capitol hill/u-district, 20yrs old.

(no subject)

Hey everyone
Just joined this community I don't know why I didn't join sooner I've been in Seattle for almost 2 years now and had lj almost as long. Anyway I just thought I'd say hi, and see what this community was like :)
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(no subject)

I have two questions:

1. What are some of your favorite hiking trails in Washington and why?

2. What are some of your favorite camping spots in Washington and why?

I'm looking for a little recreational fun this weekend!
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SIFF again

If you're a film lover, you'll want to get down to Pacific Place to buy tickets to SIFF - the Seattle International Film Festival. This is a four-week, five theatre extravaganza of foreign and domestic art films, documentaries, and shorts.

If you haven't ever attended, check it out. Box office is now open to the public, and some of the shows are already getting close to selling out (Cinema Seattle Members have had a one-week lead on you at this point).
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Calling all micro brew fans

Is anyone interested in meeting up at Cooper's Alehouse tomorrow night around, say, 8:30, for $2.50 pint night? For those of you who may not have been, they ONLY serve micro brews. They don't have Bud, or Miller or crappy beer. Wait, they do have one, Pabst, but the rest is really good stuff.
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Seattle Buses

Maybe it is it just my own experiance and observations.
It seems that Seattle Metro/Sound Transit buses run red lights all the time. I don't see as many automobiles do it. Could be I am just more prone to notice it with the larger vehicles.

Anyone else notice this too? or is my paranoia of buses getting to me?