May 10th, 2004


Bike Race Coverage

I'm wondering if anyone knows where I might find a place to watch the Giro d'Italia (a big Italian bike race started a few days ago). I don't have cable so I don't know if any stations are carrying either the live or recorded feed or even just highlights. I'm hoping I could find a sports bar showing the race, so if anyone knows or has any tips on a place, it would be helpful. (If you know a place that showed the Tour de France last year, that might be a good bet). Thanks!

Moving Sale on eBay / Craigslist

As some of you may know, Zombie ran into serious financial problems last week and laid off 80% of its staff... without severance. (At least they didn't keep us from applying for UI!) I'm finding that unless I want to take a crappy office job somewhere in town and leave the games industry, I'm probably going to have to move away. I have currently interviews with/resumes in at companies in San Francisco, LA, Texas, NYC, Oregon, and Boston. Hopefully someone will bite. :) Until then, if you can... please help me to save up for moving and/or survive unemployment.

The auctions are running for 7 days, from today until next Saturday noon PST. View a text list or the image gallery. EVERYTHING STARTS AT $1! Men's and women's pants/shorts, skirts, dresses, tops, halters, swimwear, lingerie, shoes, a gorgeous men's dress coat, medical paraphernalia, burlesque costume pieces, hair accessories, home decor and more!

On Craigslist:
KTI DIRECTV Satellite Dish Network 18" Satellite Dish DSS - $30
Gorgeous IKEA Solid Wood Finished WARDROBE - $150
WROUGHT IRON Tealight Screen / Room Divider - $85
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Looking for a roommate!!!!

Us: 20 and 21 females.
Looking for a guy or gal roommmate
Fairly quiet but by no means ust homebodies

House: Right on 25th AVe NE two blocks north of Kid Valley
Cable TV
Full Kitchen
1.25 Bathrooms
You would have your own room!!
Close to buses and really close to UW and U Village

Rent: $450 / month utilities not included ( but the bills are wayyyyy cheap)
Lease is for 1 year, but could be negotiated.

Move in date would hopefully be around June 1. This could be negotiable as well.

let me know if you are even slightly interested: