May 8th, 2004

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Question about renting......

Here is my situtation:

My landlord gave me a recipet for my rent payment. Then said that I forgot to pay for my undercovered spot, and I owed them $20 more dollars-which was true. So the manager told me "just bring over a check for $20" I then get a phone call stating that they gave me my rent check back and I need to bring back over the check for my rent. I have a reciept showing that I paid my rent, its not my fault they lost my rent check right?? Or do you know if I still have to repay it???

Anyone had this same thing happen?? Please help!!! :)

Happy Hour At TOST

If you aren't doing anything tonight from 6-8, you should come down to TOST in Fremont where my sister and I are DJing 60s French pop/garage:

La Boum!
"DJs Les Saucettes invite you to enter the world of 60s French Pop, where hip young actresses, models, and scenesters ruled the airwaves, Ye-Ye was all the rage, and Serge was one very lucky man.  At the turn of the 60s, French kids were given their own radio station, Europe 1, and the D.I.Y spirit that wouldn't reach the U.S. until the 70s punk scene, prevailed, resulting in raw, edgey pop more on par with today's Thee Headcoatees and Holly Go-Lightly than that of the heavily produced Supremes and Shangri-La's of their time.  Join us in celebrating these long lost femme fatales and fey mod playboys, and be prepared to twist et chante!"
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Seattle - Death Cab/Kweller/Thermals Show

I have an extra ticket; I cant get ahold of the person who was supposed to come with me.

The show starts at 6pm I'll give the ticket to you for free.
If you could pick me up at the Everette fairy and drop me off after the show, that would be great, I'm trying to save wear and tear on my car, I'm comming from Whidbey Island, the free ticket would be in exchange for that and I may also hand over a few bucks for gas.

Just call me: 360-720-1174 if you're interested and we'll get the details sorted out, I'm meeting a couple of friends there and it would be fine if that's what you were hoping to do that as well.

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Hey all,

I work for C89.5, the student-run dance music station here in Seattle (commerical free!)...anyhow, I just wanted to point everyone to the fact that we've set up a station livejournal updated with our latest news (c895news) as well as an LJ community for fans of C89.5 and dance music to meet up, discuss their interests, and throw feedback our way. The community can be found at c895.

If you want to know more about C89, you can check out my LJ info or just comment back and ask.

mexican monster


I've been trying to find copies of the magazines Absolute Magnitude and Realms of Fantasy (science fiction and fantasy short stories, respectively.) I've failed. Does anyone know anyone in Seattle who carries them?

I've tried J&S Broadway News, Bulldog in the U district, Bulldog in the Broadway Market, Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park, and B&N in U village, so far, to no avail.

(I know I could just ask someone to order a copy for me; for that matter, I could ask the magazines to sell and send me a sample copy. But I'd like to know where I could go to just pick one of these up whenever I felt like it, in a sort of instant gratification kind of way.)

  • kimya


Hi, I am pretty new to the list and the city but so far I have found a lot of useful info and really interesting people, so I thought I could share my situation with the community.

I just moved to the States, after working for Nintendo for many years. I moved to Seattle hoping I would be able to continue my career with the company. However, I haven't been able to reach the contacts I was given, and I tried submitting my resume through the website, but it just gets stored in the (I am supposing huge)database.

So, here is my question. If anybody here knows somebody from the HR Department they could forward my resume to, and who would actually consider it for any upcoming positions, please drop me an e-mail.

Any advice is also very welcome. Thanks! :)