May 7th, 2004


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Come to

NW Rockypalooza II:

Forbidden Palooza

our mini Rocky Horror Picture Show convention on May 7th & 8th.

There will be a bunch of fun stuff to do:
  • A Friday night performance of Rocky Horror Picture Show with Seattle's cast, The Vicarious Theatre Company
  • A Saturday night performance of Rocky Horror Picture Show with an All-Star lineup from casts all over the NW region.
  • Fun social activities like:

  • General socializing in the Horsebrutality Suite
  • Exciting preshow numbers

Go here for more information about this event.

It’s $25.00 for a badge.
Getting a badge includes:
· Lovely spiffy badge
· Friday and Saturday night admissions to the show @ the Admiral theatre
· Collector’s tickets for both shows
· Beautiful, labor intensive program w/ bios of all participants
· Access to the munchies in Horsebrutality
· All the schmoozing, partying and wackiness you can stand!

Or you could just go to the show. It would be cool if all of you could make it to at least one of the performances; both shows start at 11:45pm. The Friday performance is $7.00, the Saturday performance is $8.00.

Hope to see you there this weekend!
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Some say Sunni prisoners deserved mistreatment

This morning on the front page of the Seattle Post Intelligencer under the Headline, "Bush apologizes for abuse" is this large sub-headline, "Mistreatment has some defenders"
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EVERETT -- The abuse of Iraqi prisoners at the hands of U.S. soldiers draws intense reactions from some who left Iraq to find freedom in Washington state, but prolonged outrage isn't one of them.

While some local Iraqis are bothered by the images, others welcome them.

Full Story

What is the Seattle Post Intelligencer management thinking?
Pissing on people with their hands behind their back is OK?
Why is this story on the front page?

Hear Anti-Bush Song, Balance

Bootmaker or cobbler in town?

I wish to have some boots made for me. Something like simple heels in black suede up to the mid- or higher on the thigh. The boots at Experience Shoes are not the style I'm after and they fit best if you've the body of a stripper. (If it were up to me, I'd get boots up to my armpits, but alas I have a small bladder.) Is there anyone in town who can craft custom boots?

Thank you!
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End All Forms of Discrimination, Bigotry & Racism: Come out in Solidarity with Same Sex Marriage Rights on May 17th

On May 17, same-sex marriage is scheduled to be implemented in Massachusetts. Equal Marriage Solidarity is an ad hoc group calling for a national day of actions on May 17 in support of equal marriage rights and against all forms of discrimination, bigotry and racism.

Seattle, WA
Monday, May 17th, 5:00 pm
Rally Seattle Central Community College (Broadway and Pine)

Flyers for distribution (click for larger PDF image):

Enjoy Jazz? Looking for someting to do next Tuesday?

Check out a friend of mine, Katy Webber, and company at Patti Summers (It's on First and Pike.) The show starts at 8 PM on Tuesday, May 11th, and should run until about 11 PM. There is a $3 cover and $3 drink minimum, but good times are ahead, I assure you.

Excerpt from her Press Release:

"This Northwesterner's speaking voice may be light and sweet but when Katy Webber takes the stage a powerful and unexpected voice emerges from the depths of her soul. Katy's stage presence, along with her individual attachment to each song, allows the emotion to flow off of the stage and into the hearts of the audience which has gained her great respect from her mentors and peers."

This performance will also feature:
Chris Blacker, Piano
Nate Omdal, Bass
Will Holliday, Drums

Tragedy in Seattle

I am cross posting this for staxxy. She will be able to answer any questions about this. Also, please be careful out there.


A few days ago Richard Redden went in for pain treatment at the UW hospital and was still in a lot of pain so he went into the emergency room for pain medication. The UW would not give him any pain meds and, Richard being Richard, he made sarcastic comments to the effect that they should either amputate his leg or let him go home and commit suicide. UW being the UW they took the suicide comment seriously and had him committed, and then transferred him to Fairfax for “24 hour suicide watch. They did give him some painkillers while he was there. There were complications (which are not yet fully understood, and we are certain involve serious malpractice for which the family is SUING – have no fear) and Richard stopped breathing (we do not know for how long) and turned blue. He was transferred to ICU at Evergreen hospital and has been on life support there for the last couple of days. He has been examined by several neurologists and a bunch of Specialists, and they all concur that he is brain dead. The family has decided to take him off of life support tonight. Collapse )
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Dear Annoying Eastside Hospital

I realize the loop-hole in the do-not-call list gives you the right to call me at home even though I requested that complete strangers do not call me.

But do you really think you're going to win my vote by ignoring my request for privacy?

Given your cavalier regard for my privacy I was wondering who else you are showing my last round of medical tests.