May 6th, 2004

  • ko

Looking for somewhere to live this summer?

Come to Wallingford! Two rooms available in a 6 bedroom house in July and August (June- half a month, free rent). Quiet neighborhood. On the busline to UW, Seattle, walking distance to grocery store, parks. Rent is ~416 a month, utilities not included. Pets okay. Call Jessica at 206-547-0052.
  • halaku

Looking for a dentist...

... who will take a patient who says "I want an appointment on X date, to have one (if not more) teeth removed, and a note excusing me from work for 4 days. Oh, yeah, I have insurance."

Anyone know of a Seattle-area toothdoc that fits this bill?
  • Current Mood

Super Size Me @ Uptown Theatre

I thought that maybe some people would like to know that Super Size Me is going to be playing at the Uptown theatre on Queen Anne this weekend. If it already played in Seattle and you missed it, here is your chance to see it!

Super Size Me is a documentary where this dude eats only McDonalds food for a month and he gets totally sick like whoa.
Many would argue that this documentary is one-sided, but it still is probably one of the more interesting things to see this weekend in Seattle.

Musicwerks Thursday at the Vogue

Tonight is MUSICWERKS NIGHT at The Vogue (1516 11th Ave, between Pike & Pine on Cap Hill, Seattle)!

Come on down and enjoy some tunes spun by Djs K_Shaun, Coldheart and Menschrek.

Of note: Tonight is the LAST NIGHT FOR 50 CENT BEER! The drink Special(s) are being what? We don't know. So if you want to get your Fifty-Cent Beer On one last time at the Vogue, tonight is the night to do it.

Some of you are getting smarter about bringing down your own music for requests (in case we don't have it)...keep up the good work! :)

And now for more important details:
Doors are at 9pm.  $3.00 cover.
The Vogue is 21+ with Valid ID.
Once again, last night for 50 Cent Henry's.

Upcoming Thursdays at the Vogue:

Thursday, May 13th: Voice Industrie. $10.00 at the door, 21+ with ID.

Thursday, May 20th: Inertia and Swarf. $10.00 at the door, 21+ with ID.

Thursday, May 27th: Imperative Reaction and System Syn. $10.00 at the door, 21+ with ID.

Ladies night tonight (5/6/04)

Tonight is the first Thursday of the month which means two things-1)Women get in free tonight at the Mercury (offer good until midnight) and 2)DJ Dancemonkey will be on deck playing your favorite music to dance to. As always, he welcomes requests, so don't be afraid to ask/bring him stuff to play! 21+ w/id, $4.00 cover, doors open at 9. We're located near 10th and Union under the Autobattery. See you there!