May 5th, 2004

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New Sketch Comedy Show opens this Friday

Hi everyone!

I’d like to invite you to our new sketch comedy show at a discount! Train of Thought > New York, opens this Friday, May 7th at Northwest Actor’s Studio, The Cabaret Theater: 3rd Floor @ 10 PM.

The Discount Part: Print out this LiveJournal post and get $2 off at the door! This offer is available to everyone, so be sure to pass it along to your friends! It’s valid May 7th, 8th, 14th and 15th only.

Train of Thought is the only sketch group that creates sketch comedy shows based around one word, in this case, New York! Come see the group The Seattle Sinner called “remarkable” and “well written, continuously hysterical and deeply intelligent". Full review here.

Plus, The Cabaret Theater features a full bar and all the seating is comfy couches and lounge chairs!

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More information is available at

See you there!


PS: Of course, one per customer and all that.
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Eye Candy magazine

I am now taking orders for the June 2004 issue, if you want to grab a copy, you can order online if you're not near a distributor. June submissions and features are now posted on the website. A poetry contest has been added with a $50 prize to the winner plus publication! July submissions are being taken now, that deadline is May 28th but the literary is filling up fast! I now have banner ads on the website for out-of-state advertising....Lots of cool things going on, come check out the site and if you are feeling adventurous...join in!

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Cinco de Mayo!

Famed Mexican-style Masked Wresling - Tonight!

Ohla! A reminder to come celebrate Mexican liberation and libations
tonight with midgets, wrestling, tacos, tequila, ass kicking, and
Rock-n-Roll at the Funhouse (old Zak's 5th Ave Saloon, next to McDonald's, across from the Space Needle)!

Projecting Movies: The Terror of Tiny Town (an all MIDGET western), El Mariachi,
and Up in Smoke!

Free Tacos (while they last) & Dirty Sanchez Moustaches at the door!


"That's right folks, this Cinco De Mayo at the Funhouse, SSP Wrestling is
proud to host a whole crew of Luchadors straight from the homeland,
Mexico! In addition to SSP lucha regulars El Obra, Cinco de Ocho and the
legendary manager of campe?ns Duende Infernale. We will host many other
reknowned Mexican Mat Maniacs. South of the border legends Coprophagia,
Vandalismo and Esclavo Del Amor are scheduled to appear for the first time
in the U.S.! Come on out and watch the blood and bodies fly!"

Axes of Evil
Black Eyes & Neck Ties

$5, 9pm-ish.
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Author Event at Queen Anne Books

Discussion with Erik Larson in Queen Anne
Thursday, May 6 at 6:30PM

Erik Larson, author of Devil and the White City (a rather intriguing and well-written book about the creation of the Chicago World's Fair and one of America's first serial killers who had a hotel catering to single women built by him near the fairgrounds), will be meeting with the Queen Anne Book Club and other interested readers on Thursday, May 6th at 6:30 pm. Mr. Larson will be discussing and answering questions about his award-winning history Devil in the White City. While the event is put on by Queen Anne Books, located next to El Diablo at 1811 Queen Anne Avenue North, the discussion will be held in the meeting rooms above Pat's on the Ave at 1905 Queen Anne Avenue North (across from Metropolitan Market). Tickets aren't needed, just show up!

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How-do, everybody. :) My girlfriend and I are thinking about spending next summer ('05) in Seattle. I know this is way in advance, but whateva! OK, so I've found one apartment place that has three-month leases, which is excellent! But is there any way to get in contact with people who will be subletting? Also, what is the job market like for college kids; any decent-paying, interesting positions (biology/environmental studies & political things, in particular)? And finally, is public transportation existant/reliable (could we survive without a car for three months)?

june marlowe


so i'm just curious as to where the cheapest gas in seattle is? i mean i'll dirve a little north but i'm a southenbd kid west seattle area and south is good for me but where is the cheapest gas regular nothing special just gas to make my car go vvrrooom vvrrrooooooom!
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