May 3rd, 2004


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This Friday......

Celebrate the Grand Re-Opening of the Frequency-8 Seattle Store with one hell of a party!!!!


MARS-Frequency-8 Records/ SF

Marq - Frequency -8

Monkey - Frequency-8

Randall Glenn - Fiberline Audio

DJ Scott Tyler

Sonny Chiba - Goodbeat/Zodiac

Patchouli - Frequency - 8/Lovetribe

Reaction DJs -

Mode4 -Check6,/Sound Tacticz


Kohei - Kryogen/Compes Mentos

SpyderG - Check6

Biscuit - DSI, BazSic Elementz)

SoulKid - AfterDark Records/NBA/BazSic Elementz

Loki - Airborne

Undecided - UrbanBreaks/

110 Horton Ave S
Seattle, WA
starts at 9PM and orbits the red planet untill 5AM

All Ages AND 21+ area with ID

LIMITED 10$ presale tickets Available NOW
15$ at the door

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i joined this community about two months ago, but now that i've actually moved to seattle (or washington for that matter), i'm making my first real post to say hello, besides a post i made awhile ago about looking for an apartment.

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Ok, I know how to find houses shared by a bunch of random people in the Seattle-Tacoma area, I forgot what they're called, but they usually run for $300 a month when there's like 5 other people there. But is there a way I could find out if there's room's open in Bellingham without actually going there until I know there's something up there. I'm gunning for moving there this fall. Early September at the earliest.
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All-night party space recommendations?

A group of friends here in Seattle is looking to throw a fundraiser to help us turn a bus into a rocket ship and mobile bar for this year's Burning Man. My question is, can any of you good folks recommend spaces to throw a jumping all night party? We've already figured out alcohol permits and all the other sundry details, we simply haven't been able to find a space. We're relatively new to the party-throwing scene.

Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated, especially if the spaces suggested are reasonable price wise. FYI, I searched the memories section but didn't find exactly this kind of information.

Thanks in advance!

Lounge Night Tonight (5/3)

Bored? Come on down and join us for Lucifer's Lounge! Featuring Old hits from the great era's of swing, jazz, blues, 20's, 30's, and on and tasty beverages.
Doors open at 8 21+ w/id $4.00 cover. Located on Capitol Hill by 10th and Union under the Auto Battery.
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