May 1st, 2004


Regarding the new public bathrooms

While walking through Pike Place on my way to the park, I noticed one of the new public bathrooms sitting there.

Then I noticed that it still didn't stop someone from using the side of the concrete wall right next to the large metal structure.

It would appear from initial response to the new bathrooms, some of that money may have been better spent potty training a few of the "inhabitants" who would otherwise frequent them.
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Does anyone happen to have any extra floor tickets to the Velvet Revolver show at the Moore on June 4? Or know where I could go about looking for them, other than the KISW site and Craigslist? Thanks.

Minute Maid Strawberry Soda

My friend absolutely adores Strawberry Minute Maid Soda but she hasn't been able to find it for a long time.

For her birthday, I decided to see if I could find her a case or two (or maybe even a can if it's only in soda machines) if it's even possible. So does anybody know of any place that still sells it?
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