April 30th, 2004

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Freaky heads

The Stranger solved one mystery for me several weeks ago by having Parskid draw one of their covers. I'd seen his graffitti all over abandoned Eastlake buildings, and occasionally under the U. Bridge, and I was curious as to who was behind it; regrettably, Parskid's got a rep for ruining the fun of guerilla art, as he often tags other installations or resorts to bombing important fixtures like the Fremont troll.

Parskid aside, there's another funky portrait that pops up in Eastlake/U. District areas, and that's the wierd kid head portrait. Does anybody know what this is about?

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The portraits pop up most visibly under the freeway, but I've seen them on signs and billboards, too. There used to be another portrait of a kid with a newsie cap ("Extra! Extra! Read all about it!"). Personally, I think they're kind of neat and quirky.

Probably unrelated, but there's some wierd portraits that are on the beams over the train tracks on the way down in the I.D. near the King Street train station. Are they connected? Anybody know the scoop?
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The Seattle Pug Gala

There's a nice article about the Seattle Pug Gala (starring Maggie, a friend of Calvin's) in the paper this morning. You can get more info on the event here.

Seattle people, even if you don't have a pug, this is a great way to spend Saturday afternoon. I guarantee you've never seen anything quite like it. And, of course, Calvin will be there.
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In movie news

The Grand Illusion Cinema (now independent from WigglyWorld) has released their new calendar.

Starting next Thursday is American Astronaut, which I saw a couple years ago at the Varsity and cannot reccommend highly enough. From the website:
THE AMERICAN ASTRONAUT follows the adventures of an interplanetary trader through his Homeric intergalactic journey to provide the all-female population of Venus with a suitable singular male, all the while being pursued by the cold-blooded and childish killer, Professor Hess, an enigmatic figure from his past.

The film has been winning awards at film festivals around the world since 2001. Not available on video!!!

They will also be showing the entire Cremaster cycle, starting later in May and running through June. If you missed any of them last year at the Varsity, now's your chance.

The Grand Illusion will be having a membership drive next weekend (May 6-9) -- $5 off a one-year membership, making it only $20 to join. Members get $2.50 off all tickets, and occasional special screenings and stuff. Apparently, admission to American Astronaut on Thursday May 6 is FREE, so membership is an extra-special deal if you go then. You know I'll be there!
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Cat-friendly housing

I didn't find anything in the memories section and google hasn't been super-helpful, so I thought I'd ask here --

We need to move at the end of May / early June, but we need to find a cat-friendly apartment building. I have found a few through the UW Daily and one through the Stranger, but after a few tours we're down to basically one choice. If you live in (or know of) a cat-friendly building somewhere near the UW (within 20-ish minutes by bus) would you mind sharing the name of your building so we could call about potential vacancies? It would be nice to have at least one more option before we sign a lease.
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Pioneer Square recommendations?

Does anyone have specific favorite spots in Pioneer Square area which meet this criteria:

> Smoke free or at least smoking & non-smoking sections
> Serves coffee drinks or alcohol
> Not loud at 7:00 - 9:00pm Saturday night
> No live music or cover charge

I'm looking for a good place to meet someone new prior to another event. Most coffee houses in that neighborhood appear to close by 7pm on weekends.
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Real Madrid in Seattle?


Looked all over the memories section, but couldn't find what I was looking for. Are their any pubs that show Real Madrid Matches?

I know Kells and the George and Dragon Pub show Premiership games.

Thank you
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U-distrcit Sublet

Need a place to stay for the summer near UW?

I've got to leave for the summer months, leaving behind a lease that ends on August 31st. The place is on the corner of 55th & 20th, ten blocks North of campus right on the 74 busline (takes you directly to The Ave and then Seattle Center) with free parking, chill housemates, and a three minute walk to a grocery store.

The room is a single all to yourself and comes fully furnished with a bed, desk, dresser, small couch, bookshelf, and bedside table. The closet has full-length mirrors and the lighting is adequate. Cable TV, highspeed DSL, and landline phone are all consolidated in one easy-to-reach outlet, meaning there are no unsightly wires taped to the floors and such. The room is in the basement, but there are four windows which allow plenty of light in. And being in a cool basement is a nice place to be on hot summer days in Seattle.

Ofcourse that's not all. The basement has a second kitchen, bathroom, and living room, all less then ten feet from the bedroom door. It's like having a house or studio to yourself for the price of one room. And also, right next to the bedroom is a newly refurbished pool table for use by all, and outside is a campfire pit also free to use by all in the house.

Rent is $450 a month, move in anytime after mid-June or so, I'm pretty flexible. Let me know what you think!

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Get creative! Please?

There's a big protest event in Seattle tomorrow, and I'm going to be there, along with massive LJ-members. Here's where I need your help:

-wish us luck and love!
-come down and help out/say hi if you're in the area (north end of Safeco Field in Seattle)
-help me think of slogans!

Yes, slogans. So far we have "Hate is not a family value" and "Are you RACIST too?" We need more -- we've got 10-15 people in our group alone, and enough signs for all of them. We want to make people think, be a bit funny (possibly), and most importantly, have our voice heard.

So what do you say? Any ideas?