April 29th, 2004

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I just passed my driver's test, but I didn't have enough money to buy the license, so I got the idea to give blood for enough money to buy my license because I wanna get this valet job.
So I was wondering if there's places which I can give blood at and get a check or something soon after. I don't want to go to places that looks shifty or anything. But if I could find a plce by tomorrow, that'd be great.

Someone mentioned Harborview, but I'd have to be there in the morning apparently.
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beer good


Did anyone catch the Metric show on April 11th @ Neumo's??

If so, how was it?? I really wanted to see them but I was outta town. :(

And is anyone going to see Muse on May 9?? If you are, do you have an extra ticket??? Muahahaha.
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Olivia Bennett
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Job Vacancy

Is anyone looking for a part time job? We are looking for a part-time entry level administrative assistant to work 3 days a week (Tues, Wed, Thurs from 8:30am - 5pm) in a surgical office located in Kirkland. The pay rate would be starting at $10/hour and will potentially become full-time in the not too distant future. We are looking for someone who is organised, friendly, and who will fit into our small team easily. Basic duties would be filing, answering phones, and interacting with patients - but responsibilities will expand from there. Parking is free and we are attached to Evergreen Hospital, so there should be bus routes nearby as well.

We are a really friendly group of people and I promise we don't bite! :) If you are interested please email me at sarah@nwwls.com and if possible attach a resume. If you have specific questions, feel free to email me about those too.

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iMac for sale..wot a deal!!!

As a favor to one of the Fellows in my department at the UW who is returning to Australia (and doesn't want to pay the duty/taxes). I'm letting people know about the iMac he bought while here, he's selling it at a good price.

This is the latest iMac...the one they're selling right now on the Apple Site. This computer with this configuration would run you at least $2000 and is a great system.

17" flat panel, 1.25 GHz G4 processor, 768MB RAM, Super Drive (DVD-R/CD-RW),Airport Extreme card, 80 GB Hard Drive.
This is running OS 10.3.2 (panther), iLife, Photoshop 7 and I'm sure it has Office X installed on it as well. This computer was bought in the last 6-8 months and comes in the original box as well. I know the seller personally, and can vouch that he takes care of his systems very well. He's a total Mac geek

This is a powerful enough machine to edit video, create music on...whatever. I'd buy it myself, except I'm saving money for a trip and my Powerbook is enough for me right now.

The price: $1500

anyone interested, leave a comment.

Ready for the weekend?

2004 Windermere Cup
Montlake Cut, Seattle WA
10:20 am
* Navy * Italy * UCLA *

Consider this your invitation to partake in one of the largest free spectator events in the country.

Thousands will gather at the Montlake Cut this weekend to cheer UW and visiting crews in the 18th annual Windermere Cup races, sponsored by Windermere Real Estate.

For schedules and race information, the regatta website is here: www.windermerecup.com

Bring some sunscreen and get there early. Stick around after the races for the Opening Day Yacht Parade.
Hope to see you there!!

I'm racing in the Women's Cascade Cup at 10:56, make me a sign??
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Motorcycle Gear

Would anyone happen to know where I can find Bell Helmets, in store?
I know where to get them online, but I don't want to buy one unless I have tried it on.

Also, are there places that sell the Sidi ladies motorcycle boots? It isn't quite as important as the helmet, but I have fat calves, so I would like to know that they won't be cutting off my blood circulation when I wear them. :-P




Even if you can't go, please broadcast this message to your contacts who may be able to.

I personally cannot go because I am moving, so someone be twice as loud for me:

---------- Forwarded message ----------

Subject: Join May 1 protest of James Dobson at Safeco Field

The religious right has rented Safeco Field for May 1, 2004, to hold an antigay rally. They are basing it on marriage rights, or I should say the restriction of marriage rights. They are planning to bus people in from around the state. They are currently predicting 10,000 attendees.

See: http://www.maydayformarriage.com

Focus on the Family's James Dobson will address this assembly. Dobson is a high visibility, arch-homophobe, and he will be a big draw for them. We are organizing a "Welcoming Party" for them. We are not about to let them arrive with no resistance. Here are the bare-bones details, and as more information is developed I will forward it to you:

Assemble Saturday, May 1, 2004, between 10:30 AM - 11AM. The earlier you arrive the better.

Where: Corner of S. Occidental St. and Royal Brougham, north end of Safeco Field.

What to do: At this time we have many details to work out.


We will provide some signs, but the bigger the variety and quantity of signs the better.

This is a legal, peaceful protest of the right wing coming to Seattle to hold a rally that opposes our rights. Although Dobson and crowd have every right to have this assembly, we have every right to protest it. We cannot let them come to Seattle and throw their bigotry in our faces without fighting back.

This is a PEACEFUL, if loud, protest. The Seattle police are likely to keep us on the opposite side of the street, separated from those attending the May Day for Marriage rally. This is as it should be to avoid violence and face to face confrontation. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO BLOCK PASSAGE TO THE RALLY. We can legally be there as long as we DO NOT BLOCK SIDEWALKS, PARKING LOTS, ENTRANCES, ETC.

Please spread the word so that our side can have a great turn out. Updates are forthcoming.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." --Margaret Mead,

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Dining out for Life

I didn't see this until today: http://www.dineoutforlife.org

"Simply dine at one of our participating restaurants on Thursday, April 29, 2004 and 30 percent of your food bill will benefit the programs & services of Lifelong AIDS Alliance."

There are TONS of restaurants in the Seattle area doing this. What a great excuse to eat out tonight!
Fear Kali

Strippers and such

Strip Clubs in Seattle.

Myself being from a less repressed area(Las Vegas)originally, don't take issues with strip clubs, porn shops or the adult industry in general....However, I am curious as to how alot of you Seattle Lj-er's feel about the situation. Are you for or against adults(18+) having the option of this type of entertainment? why or why not?
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Grab your gun, Jimmy Jimmy, grab your gun...

Apparently, some are arguing for a return to the draft...not neocons, not evangelicals, not Bo Gritz, but...Jim McDermott.

I found this a bit curious before learning about his rationale. Last friday, he argued on TV that all Americans, males and females, between 18 and 26, should be conscripted into some kind of national service, military or non-military.

Before the Iraq war, if you recall, McDermott and 5 other Dems, notably Representative Chuck Rangel of New York proposed a draft. McDermott says that he's seeking to desanitize war, and he has a point. He was actually drafted in 1968, so he's not totally talking out of his ass here.

Fact is, a disproportionate number of enlisted personnel tend to be recruited from the working class and a draft would be more representative of America's social strata. So far as I'm concerned, it's a moot point for me, since I plan to enter ROTC at UW this fall.

As well intentioned as it is, I do have a lot of problems with this. A draft means a much bigger military, which isn't necessarily good. Today's all volunteer force, undoubtedly qualitatively superior than the US military of the past, wins battles very rapidly with fairly limited manpower, but with superior command, control, communications and intelligence, along with overwhelming firepower and superior technology. The military will have to change its whole strategy all over again.

And do we really want to compel people to pick up a uniform or enter national service if they don' really want to? Ultimately, McDermott's idea is to better society, but what's the point of forcing people to try to improve society? As it is, per capita, most military recruits come from the Southern and Mountain West states, whose populations would probably have the least objections to military service.

And the draft was never fair to begin with. In the Vietnam War, a disproportionate number of the soldiers were still from working class backgrounds. It was easy enough for well connected sons to escape any remotely dangerous service. It wouldn't be that much difficult this time around. Again, in Vietnam, the casualty rates of conscripts were proportionally 4 times that of those signed up. Fact is, volunteers make better troops than someone who maybe didn't want to be there.

I'm not saying McDermott's heart isn't in the right place. I didn't much care for his prewar jaunt to Baghdad, but other than that, I kinda like the guy, he speaks his mind and has character. If a draft does take place, which I doubt will happen, I hope that:

1) They'll be a lot of civilian options. Teaching urban school kids is as much duty to the country as picking up a gun to defend it.
2) Draft both men and women. They'll never be true gender equality in America if there isn't an equal spread of responsibilities.
3) Draftees can choose between military and civilian service
4) All draftees choosing military service are sent into Guard and reserve formations rather than active duty. All active duty personnel should remain volunteers, as a professional core of troops is important to maintain. Even then, the majority of draftees, even in reserve and guard formations, should be in non combatant roles.

Anyways, from what understand, McDermott supports "national service" as opposed to an outright military draft.

Not just any old 80's night

Tonight, join Djs Siouxsie Who and Ill for a special night of Gothic/Industrial anthems from the 80's and 90's! Dust off those old band t-shirts and come on down for a bit of nostalgia! 21+ w/ id $4.00 cover. Doors open at 9pm. We are located under the Autobattery at 10th and Union.
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I have an extra ticket to the Air show at the paramount tonight, if anyone wants, its for a 2nd row seat on the main floor. It's a Great seat.

Face value if anyone wants to go. Email me nealcastelo@hotmail.com.
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Hi everyone,

Just a note to remind you to check the Seattle community policies before posting here.
I'm not especially bothered by nudity or whatever but I do mind posts that are clearly off-topic. (And if you would lj-cut larger posts it'd be nice.)

coffeeaddiction has some politically-related news which is pretty important, and if you want to read about it, you can go read their journal. However, if you want to read about Seattle, keep reading this community--and if you want to continue to have posting access to this community, please keep your posts on-topic.

(By the way, if you want to see what an unrestricted community is like, check out damnportlanders, the Portland community. The recent stuff is actually pretty topical... but usually it's over 20 posts a day most of them just random people desperate for attention.)