April 28th, 2004

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Stop "May Day for Marriage" -- An open plea to those who care about civil rights

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I found this site with info for people interested in exercising their freedom of expression to oppose the anti-gay May Day For Marriage rally (where I hear they are expecting more than 10,000 anti-gay supporters at the rally, including folks bussed in from out of state):


How you can express your disapproval:

1. By phone/mail/email: Safeco Field has chosen to sponsor consented to host this rally. (not sure if they actually officially sponsored it though) Call the Safeco Field Events line and let them know how you feel. (206) 346-4223, press # for voice mail.

Also, the owner of the maydayformarriage.com web site is:
ISP Handle: CCWS
Randall Leskovar
Calvary Chapel West Seattle
PO Box 16699
Seattle, WA 98116

According to this article in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Leskovar is quoted as saying: "However you want to put it, homosexuality is an aberration. I do not think that homosexual couples should be allowed to adopt either. I think it's a travesty."

2. In person: Gates open at 10 am at Safeco Field. The event runs from 12:00 pm to 2 pm. http://www.maydayformarriage.com/

There is a rumor (posted on the indymedia thread) that the Infernal Noise Brigade and the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence </b>will be showing their colors at the event. This is great for eccentric visibility, but there should also be plenty of solemn representation as well.

3. By word of mouth -- please tell people about this event so that they can decide for themselves how they wish to react to it.

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where can one get pets in the seattle/belleuve area. besides petco.
specifically fish or rodents of the small and low maintenance variety...

read through memories. got a lot of info, should have done that before posting. and new input would still be appreciated.
quequito estrellas

sounder transit

does anyone know if getting to 1 av. s & jackson st. at 5:28 is enough time to get onto the 5:35 seattle-tacoma sounder train on friday? or woudl i be likely to miss the train?

and if anyone else has any other ideas besides taking the 21 bus, i work in west seattle, pretty near fautleroy, close to the end of the w. seattle bridge. i get off of work at 5, and need to be at king street station by 5:35.

oh yeah, i forgot to say
THIS IS FOR FRIDAY. so, if you think it's too late to tell me something, it's not. i'm posting this about 2 days before i'm actually having to be there.

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Ok ladies (and gentlemen??)

I'm looking for a parasol.
That's right, I want to add playfully coy and subtly feminine to my repertoire... so where do I go about getting one? I haven't done much shopping around, but the ones that I've seen around town have all been the kind that... umm... well, they'd be great for making me look like a giant Mai Tai or Miss Saigon--take your pick-- of which, I am neither.

I'm hesitant to shop online or Ebay, I like to see and touch what I'm buying before I pay someone money for it.

Anyone have any recommendations?
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