April 22nd, 2004

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first post, looking for roommate

Hello all. My name is Dave and I just joined the community.

I live in Indiana right now, but am planning on moving to downtown Seattle by the end of June and the start of July. I was hoping to find a roommate. If anyone knows of someone that needs a roommate, please let me know. I'd appreciate it. :)

A little about myself... I'm 19 (turn 20 in June), work pretty much full time, and I have never lived outside of Indiana before.
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Is the EMP an eyesore to anyone besides myself, at great distances? You can't really tell how awful it looks up close, but give it a little distance... yeah, enough said? It reminds me of that movie Akira, when that guy turns into an expanding giant blob that eats up everything. Yeah, maybe the architect got his inspiration from that flick. Your opinion?

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Time to celebrate!

My 21st birthday is coming up fast on Monday. My parents are letting me pick where to eat out. I don't go out much to begin with, so where do you recommend? There are six of us and I'm the only "kid" that will be allowed to drink ;-) Food preferences usually swerve towards Asian, Italian, seafood, steaks... not too fond of Mexican. Keep in mind we have a budget (erm, middle-class American family eating out? :-) ) so no suggestions towards great higher-end places like Daniel's Broiler (although the one in Bellevue has the best steaks *ever*).

Also on that note, where else (bar+club wise) to do you recommend I hit during the weekend? (I'm in school, no way I'll go out in the week hah!) Camera-worthy, I might add.
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Need recommendations: Contractors (and movers)

I'm sure this gets posted here a lot -- but does anyone have suggestions for some really stellar and affordable general home contractors (licensed and bonded fix-it handyperson types)?

Also, we're planning to go with Starving Students movers. Anybody have testimonials/praise/horror stories about them? Suggestions for any movers that offer a large moving truck and at least two strong, efficient people for less than $90 an hour?

I've depleted my moving karma with all my friends because I've moved so much in the past. *sigh*
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Recycling Computers

You may not be aware that appliances, computers, and several common household materials need special handling for disposal. There are some great resources online at King County to help you find local charities and businesses which will accept old appliances and computers, see http://dnr.metrokc.gov/swd/resrecy/recycling/recycling.asp.

In honor of Earth Day, from April 22 - May 8 you can take your old computer to any Staples store for recycling. For a $10 donation to your local school district, they'll recycle your monitors or computers and you get some store coupons to boot.

This is a great deal compared to other local businesses (some up which charge as much as $25 to take in old monitors). So if you've got old PCs, consider this offer.