April 21st, 2004

Interior design opportunities

Hello! I don't live in Seattle yet, but we're planning on moving just as soon as my husband finishes school.

My husband, Allen, is an interior design student, and he's planning on going into business once we get to Seattle. Can anyone give us any feedback on job opportunites in the interior design field in that area?
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Flex Pass?

Can anyone explain to me what the "Flex Pass" is?
I'd like to know what area of washington it covers, how much of the fare it covers, and face value if I purchase it retail.
I recently got this e-mail from work...and I'd like to know if it's worth it.
I currently drive, so it would mean setting aside my car to use it. Not saving bus money, saving gas money.

I've looked on the website, but Metro King County doesn't have any info.
Google has nothing.

Ashmead - Massage School

I'm considering going to Ashmead to learn to massage. It sounds like a profitable occupation and it will come in handy with the SO. Has anybody gone to this school and is it worth the money and time? Is the work enjoyable and rewarding?
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office space

it is about time my small design business starts looking at moving out of the house and into an office somewhere in the city seattle limits. i have preference for the north end of town from aurora to the sound and 145 th to ballard. i wish to keep the rent cheaper, but ask for 20x40sq feet and 24 hour access. any body have any suggestions at places? i am looking at activespace and some lofts here and there and am keeping an eye on craiglist. thanks for the input.

In case someone is looking to adopt : )

This is Zeke. He's been at the shelter now for months, and really needs a home! Here is his story and cute photo's!

Another great dog is Jesse, who has lived at the shelter since he was 3 months old and is now 4 years old.
Here is his story

Last but not least is Gus, who has been with the shelter forever too. Here is his story

I really don't understand what's going on. These are great adoptable dogs, who if given the chance would prove how lovable they are.

Here is a helpful site. Bad Rap Rescue Information
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e-tards in need

Why I have never thought to pose this question here.... I do not know.

Does anyone know a good afterparty chill spot in downtown?
We leave parties around 5 or 6 am, and have a hard time finding somewhere open before 10 or 11, especially on Sunday mornings.
We can't drive anywhere, but are willling to walk or taxi a short distance, and we're looking for somewhere all ages.

Ideally, we just want somewhere sheltered and warm and friendly where talking and music is allowed, and they don't mind really spacey people hanging out for a few hours till movie theaters or something open.

We often end up chilling at someone's house, but we can't always count on that, and after a while we want to get out and about.


(no subject)

Hey, I've been going back and forth with a buddy of mine on whether or not a couple cities are really "on the Eastside" or if they're too far east/south/whatever to really be "Eastside towns" as it were.

So if you could help me understand what the majority thinks about the location of the following towns, I'd appreciate it...

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pretty kitty

alright now, listen up seattle

I just finished reading my friends page, which as usual is quite frequented by seattle posts. It also refers to a certain hill quite often. These references really, really annoy me, because you people LIVE there, and yet consistently insist on spelling it incorrectly. And for whatever reason, it drives me crazy. I'm sure (meaning hopeful) that its not because you don't know how to spell it...its just because youre lazy or something. right? I just finished venting this to my boyfriend. His suggestion was to comment to every single one of them and tell them what i told him (it wasn't pretty, sorry- lol)...and it was tempting, but probably not the best idea. I'm compromising with this post (so i'll quit rambling now):

It is spelled CAPITOL Hill, not capital.

Capital is what you want when referrng to uppercase letters. Learn it, love it, use it, and i would be oh so grateful. Not that any of you care, and this post probably wont help much, but at least i tried. ^_^ Thank you.

the quite-possibly-obsessive spelling nazi (who lives in everett)

Okay, i had no idea so many people would respond to my post and its/it's (i admit, i never remember the difference here) scaring me. Too many comments flooding my inbox to keep up with, I'm used to like one email a week you know. ;) I apologize for scolding. And for falsely referring to myself as a possible obsessive spelling nazi-you've all shown me I'm definitly not. I'm just some girl who's sick of seeing Capitol Hill spelled wrong. I dont know why. I might need professional help to overcome this grave pet peeve of mine.

Seattle Young People's Project 12th Annual Auction

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A few of the auction items...
week stay at a condo in Maui, magazine subscriptions, museum memberships, restaurant gift certificates, weekend at a cabin on Lake Kachess, romantic evenings for two, self-care packages, desserts, massages, Storm Basketball tickets, watches from Tiempo Watch, hand blown glass goblets, handmade jewelry, youth art, kayak rentals, family fun packages, lunch with Larry Gossett, dinner for 4 at Jazz Alley, pool party at Jillian's Billiards, and more!

seattle rox!

hey guys that i dont know! i just joined this community and it sounds pretty cool. i guess all you people must be from seattle to be in this community. i am too. seattle is the best place ever to me! i live all the way in VA and i long to move back to seattle. have any of you guys ever heard of the posies? you probably have if ur from seattle. well me, my mom, and my brother know them. we met them when i was a baby. the posies rock! they are so friggin awesome! one my moms seattle friends used to date kust cobane before he died. nirvana also rocks! i sure hope i like this community! ttyl. lata ppls!
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