April 20th, 2004


Auburn town meeting about dogs

I was watching the news at 11 on komo tv 4...they had it advertised all over the place about a dog law, and so I waited to see what it was all about.

Auburn had a town meeting discussing the new dog law that they are trying to pass. I guess it's all dogs over 30 lbs would be be labeled as dangerous dogs. People were upset, and addressed how ridiculous that is, so the council or whatever are going to take more time before they decide. What?! I was totally stunned that people could be so ignorant! A man interviewed said, "That would be like saying that all humans over 150 lbs are terrorists."

I'm not from Auburn, but I do have a dog that's over 30 lbs and it interests me. I'm just completely shocked that anyone would even consider such a thing...to claim that all dogs over a certain weight are dangerous. It wasn't just having that label, but the owners would have to pay $100 for a license or something, have insurance, and a few other things. I wanted to read up on it, but Komotv.com doesn't have any info on it at all, which is lame since they had it on commercials all evening, then it was the first story. :/ Anyone see this or have any more info?

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A 30somethings SOS! Please!

OK all you 30-something's out there I need some help. I'm assigned the task of planning an evening out for a bunch of 30-somethings where 1/3 to almost a half of them do not drink. I'm trying to find something around the 'downtown' Seattle area for us to do, someplace where everyone will have fun and the whole night will not revolve around drinks. My first thought was an M's game but half of the group, for some reason, could careless about the M's and/or baseball, crazy people I know. So my second thought was maybe heading to "Chopstix's", I know it's a bar but the dueling piano players are a riot and it's always fun, plus it's non-smoking a HUGH bonus! Anyone out there with any better suggestions? I'm open to almost anything. Thanks in advance!
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Public Transit in Seattle Metro: A proposal....

I'm a recent move up here from Portland, Oregon. I currently live in Federal Way, Washington

Getting down to the down and dirty of the post, I make it because I've used transit in both the Portland Metro area and now here in Seattle-Tacoma metro area, and there's quite a few differences, and in fact, there are some very bad deficiencies in service in even the more populated areas, such as Federal Way, Tukwila, and heading up north.

Please note that these observations are not bashes on Metro, Pierce Transit, or Sound Transit. I criticize to improve, not criticize to denigrate.

1) Severe lack of frequent service (as in, 15 minutes or better service for 75 percent of the service hours) outside of downtown Seattle. Capitol Hill, U District, and many others in Seattle central have frequent service, but there are no frequent service "Feeder" routes out to outlying areas, like Kent-Des Moines, Renton, Federal Way. Suggested solution: Make the 174 and 194 frequent service. Do the same for other outlying areas.

2) Crazy quilt fare system that discourages ridership, increases confusion. The 5 transit agencies (Sound Transit, Metro KC, Pierce, Everett, and Community Transit) all use different fare systems for travel across puget sound. On top of this, Metro KC uses differental fares for peak usage, going from 1.25 per ride for anywhere in King County to 1.50 for 1 zone to 2.00 for 2 zones. Suggested solution: Keep the zone system, but use zones all the time and charge based on zones of travel rather than by time of travel. For example: TriMet (Portland area's transit agency) charges 1.30 for 1/2 zones, 1.60 for All Zones (up to 3).

3) Transit agencies in the Central Puget Sound area all have different goals. Though Sound Move is a good start to regionalizing the transit agencies, experiences in other major metro areas show that only a unified transit agency (like TriMet in Portland or MTA in NYC) can fully use the public funds effectively for creating a high efficiency transit system that is needed in this area. Solution Suggested: The Washington State Legislature should pass a bill merging the transit agencies of Pierce, Snohomish, and King County into one agency, Sound Transit.

4) The Sound Transit board is heavily politicized, and only ran by elected officials of the various counties, which means that these board members may be held hostage to re-election concerns of their communities rather than doing what's best for improving the transit system, creating a conflict of interest. Suggested Solution: Follow the TriMet and MTA model and require that A) The Governor of Washington appoint all members of the board and B) That they not hold any positions of public trust or elected office outside of their position with Sound Transit.

5) Link light rail should be extended as far south as possible, as well as new construction eastward to Bellevue and Redmond. Suggested solution: First priority for extend Link southward from S. 200th station should be to Federal Way Transit Center as the first segment.

Thoughts? Comments?
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WRESTLING! At the Sunset Tavern

Seattle Semi-Pro Wrestling

5433 Ballard Ave.
5$ at the door - show starts when we drag our drunken asses out on stage.

Featured with The Rotten Eggs (cd release), The Hot Rollers, Head Trauma, and CUTBOMB

There will be DOOR PRIZES! Tatoo Certificicates and Hand Blown Glass

Is Ballard Seattle? Or is it it's own separate city/town?
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Can any of you recommend a good roommate finder website for this area? I have some pretty specific desires as to who I'd want to live with, so hopefully that would be a better resource than just crossing my fingers on some stranger.

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mamiya 35mm SLR

i've got this older Mamiya NC1000 35mm camera with a Mamiya-Sekor 50mm lens. i took it to a specialty camera shop on the Ave in the U-District a while ago because it was overexposing, and they said the aperture petals were sticky, and it needed a service that exceeded the value of the camera. does anybody know of friend who likes breaking down and servicing cameras that might want to do this repair inexpensively? or alternately, is anyone a big fan of Mamiya cameras that might want to purchase it?

any help is appreciated
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Garage Sale II: DVDs

Part Two of my online Garage Sale is now in progress — this time, it's virtually my entire DVD collection! Some have been snapped up already, but there's a good number still up for grabs. If you might be interested in expanding your DVD collection a bit, feel free to stop on by and take a look!