April 18th, 2004

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I cannot deny it any longer...my wisdom tooth is a'crumbling and needs to be evicted. I am TERRIFIED of dentists, words cannot describe. I already have my appointment at Harborview, however, I need to know what I'm getting myself into. I want to hear ALLLLL the good, bad and ugly wisdom tooth stories....gas, anesthetic, pain, gag factors and gross noises....I find it's best to be prepared for these things. Oh, and if anyone has actually had this done at Harborview, I'm interested to hear it...

Thanks, kids.

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Thinking of moving to Seattle. I'm planted in Austin right now...hating it. There's a current rant of mine about this stupid city in the lj for today...anywho, I have no time frame of move, so rooming is out for now....but looking into prices of apartments, and safeness of area if I do indeed end up living alone like I am here...any help? Looking for something that has utilities included if I can find it...