April 17th, 2004


Axis of Art: An Evening of Music Dance Poetry without borders

This very special event will be Wednesday, May 5th 8pm - 9:30pm at CHAC (Capitol Hill Arts Center) $6.

This is a benefit for the World Music Coalition: www.worldmusiccoalition.org

Axis of Art: An Evening of Music Dance Poetry without Borders is a celebration of the art and humanity of artists that compose our government's "Axis of Evil" and "State Sponsors of Terrorism." This event is a statement of art and peace and is meant to draw attention to the difficulties these artists face in the current political climate. Before September 11, 2001, world music art and dance was beginning to flourish in the U.S. However, post 9/11, measures taken to secure our borders have had an astonishing impact on international art in America. Arts presenters, in addition to the artists themselves have struggled in their businesses. Numerous tours are cancelled, artists are turned away at the border, or visas are denied or impossible to obtain. Please join me this very special evening in celebration of the music dance and poetry of Iraq, Iran, North Korea, and Cuba. Don't miss world-renowned Hossein Oumoumi, Persian ney, photography of contemporary Iran by Gazelle Samizay, video of a live performance of North Korean "Sodo Sori," Rumi poetry by Susan Robkin, and Cuban Rumba and Salsa with members of Yerba Buena.

Register to vote at Axis of Art with Music for America: www.musicforamerica.org

Donate to the World Music Coalition at Axis of Art: www.worldmusiccoalition.org

Please Visit the web site (early next week!): www.AxisofArt.org for more information.
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Martial arts in Seattle?

More or less, I've been pretty unactive lately and want to be in better shape but working out in a gym or running around the block isn't terribly attractive so I'd like to get back into some form of "martial art." I have a couple years of Yoshukai Karate experience from when I was 10-12 or so, however that was about 10 years ago and the instructor and class has since disappeared.

Anyway, if anyone has any personal experience anywhere in the general Seattle area, that'd be great. I'm open to pretty much any form except for schools that are really into tournament fighting/wrestling, as that doesn't really do anything for me.


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i used to live in mukilteo, i dont know if you guys know where that is. but i love it. i havent been to seattle in 3 years and it fucking sucks, it would be a dream come true if i could though. all i have ever asked my parents is for me to go and visit, but nooo they wanna go to hawii and shit like that. i dont think its fair, anyways i love seattle and miss it terribly, im going there right when im 18. no doubt about it.

Photo lamps

Need professional help. Does anyone know where the best place is to buy those lamps & light bulbs for taking photos of art/sculpture with slide film. And what should I expect to pay? Are there certain brand names I should look for? I don't want to buy the wrong ones. Thank you.
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