April 16th, 2004


Dining Out For Life.

(Please excuse me if this has been posted before - this community is quite active and I did not see it, but it could have been a ways back...)

With that said...

I just though I'd let you know about Dining Out for Life, if you haven't heard of it already...

If we dine at any of these restaurants (this should hopefully take you to the Seattle page, if not... you'll find it...) on Thursday, April 29th, they donate 30% of your bill to the Lifelong AIDS Alliance.

So... eat up! You'll be feeding your tummy and helping out a great cause at the same time - what could be better? Let's do it!

Thank-you! :)

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Looking for a room

I've been checking through Craig's List but I thought I'd try this too.

Seeking Room Downtown

I'm a old-souled 21 year old college student/full time worker person who, due to a roomate SNAFU, needs to find a new place to live by the end of this month. I'm hoping to move in next weekend somewhere. I have good credit, don't smoke, and am pretty easy to get along with (lurk on my LJ it's pretty accurate about me).

What I am looking for:

* A medium to large room, approx 10x10+, relatively clean.

* Located within a 15-20 minute commute of Capitol Hill, without a car. C Hill would be awesome, Central District, Belltown, Ballard, Fremont, U Dist? This should also be a place that a young female can feel OK walking to late at night.

* Roomates who don't care that I'll be using the space essentially to sleep and store my stuff.

* I go dancing at Goth clubs but tend to go out to party instead of having it at home.

* I would like to own a cat, but this is not neccessary.

* Internet would also be ideal.

* Being on the lease would be great too because I could use the renter's history.

* Monthly rent up to $450. Due to the short notice of all this I would have trouble putting first/last/deposit up front, but first/deposit I can probably swing and pay back the rest over the next couple months.

Leave comments or emails if you have some leads.


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Piece of Meat Theater Tonight!

You, yes YOU!

Come see Piece of Meat at Neumo's tonight, opening for Critters Buggin. Piece of Meat is a raunchy punk rock comedy troupe a la South Park + Kids In the Hall. If you've never seen them before, you should. They are high-larious.

Check out more here.

Bring 3 (unused) hygiene items and be entered in a raffle to benefit YouthCare.

$14, Doors open at 9.
Werner Karl Heisenberg

Tim Burners Lee


This news reminds me of a mosaic (a reference to the NCSA'a first browser) picture of Tim Berners Lee (made out of other time covers I guess ) published in Time Magazine circa 1999 (probably for the 10 years anniversary of his creation). I just searched through the Time archive, but nothing shows up on his name (either an article or a cover). I remember looking for that particular image 2 months ago with no luck (I was hoping to find a poster version of the image). Now I seriously doubt if I am only imagining that image. Does anybody have any clue what image I am talking about? (a link to the image would be great :)

Any hints would be well appreciated!


Aye.. So.. In need of someone to talk to.
Preferably someone 16-20 or so.
Older people tend to hate me.
Not that at the moment everyone else loves me, but thats kinda why i'm posting.
I need SOMEONE whom I can talk to.
Someone sane, maybe?
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Henna Rec's?

Okay folks,

The weather is warming up and I'm trying to stave off the urge to add to my tattoo collection by indulging in something a little less permanent.

So, can anyone recommend a good and affordable henna-artist in the Seattle side of the water (read: not Bellevue or Kirkland)?
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I'm currently on unemployment and thinking about going back to school. I was told that sometimes you can go to school, have it paid for and still collect unemployment. I've been browsing around the go2ui.com site and haven't really found any info.

Does anyone know if this is true? And if so, has anyone done it or know how to go about it?

Mods, please clarify?

Moderators, will you please tell us whether you consider this community an appropriate forum for "I'm so bored, I'm so lonely" posts? We've had at least five in the last two weeks (three, I believe, from the same individual) and I think I'm not the only one who considers these posts off-topic.
Thanks for your guidance.

(no subject)

Here is some food for thought. A human rights activist – Elaine Brown - visits WSU by request of the ASWSU to speak about race, gender, and class disparities in the United States. About a hundred people are in attendance. Lane Rawlins (the standing President of WSU) asks her – as she put it - what her problem was in coming to speak before the university. She said she didn’t have a problem. A day prior, national television anchor Peter Jennings speaks before an audience of over 12,000. He ridicules and debases the university and its guests. And the Murrow School of Communications hands him an award for it.

[Peter Jennings] truly is the torch-bearer of the Murrow tradition, said Alex Tan, Director of the Edward R. Murrow School of Communication [see Evergreen 4/14/04].

On Thursday, April 15th, in the CUB Auditorium, I had the pleasure of hearing the articulate and inspiring Elaine Brown. She focused on the continuing struggles and oppression of all people by a privileged few. We are talking about how Martin Luther King died for us, and we got a seat on the bus… …how can we talk about freedom and liberation when half the people in America are oppressed?

On Wednesday, April 14th, in a packed to capacity Beasley Stadium, I had the displeasure of hearing Peter Jennings, a rather affected and self-involved man.

Angie Dormin, a Doctoral Student of History at UI and a high school teacher in WA asked Mr. Jennings why the national media has passed over the middle America silent majority types. We know five boys that are in Iraq right now.. [One] young [man] called his mom because a bullet just whizzed by his head… [He had] joined the national guard so he could get a discount to come to the university. Mr. Jennings sidestepped the issue by pushing the responsibility of coverage to local media. When she pressed Jennings further, he replied indignantly can I go onto someone else… be fair now, there are a lot of people here.

A young Christina Ramento, a freshman at WSU, approached the microphone to ask the Mr. Jennings a question regarding media consolidation by large corporations (specifically that of Disney and Comcast). In her nervous state, she mistook Clear Channel for Comcast. Before she could finish her question, an exasperated Mr. Jennings turned his back to the crowd; then interrupted her. They told me that these WSU people were really smart… they said it wasn’t all about football you know. Nearly 12,000 people laughed in unison at this young woman for daring to ask a question.

What we have here is an institutional approach to academia ripe and infected with hypocrisy. It goes deeper than the dining center’s “fried-chicken” celebration of black history month, or the misplaced ads of recent Evergreen publication. What kind of administration awards a condescending Mr. Jennings in one breathe, and demeans the struggles of a human rights activist like Elaine Brown in the other? Peter Jennings observed President Rawlins’ good ol’ boy approach to life. It seems to me that this good ol’ boy approach has infected the very foundation of Washington State University.
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