April 15th, 2004



So I hear the Muse show sold out in 10 minutes at Neumo's. I was wondering, (and can't find info online) what is the maximum capacity at this club?

I was lucky enough to see their four-song set (cut short due to injuries) in Atlanta, but that show took four days to sell out.

Seattle Student Film Festival TODAY!

Satellites Film & Video Showcase presents the

Second Annual Seattle Student Film Festival

Thursday, April 15
5:30 and 8:00 pm
Consolidated Works (all ages)
$7 / $5 (students)

The University of Washington Film Club presents a selection of short films from current or recent students from around the Seattle area. Presenting a diverse selection of documentaries, animation and experimental films, in addition to narratives of all styles and genres.

For more information: (206) 381-3218
Werner Karl Heisenberg

bungee jumping

I am thinking of going for Bungee jumping sometime in the next couple of weeks. I am wondering if you guys have any recommendation/comments about places to go. I have no idea about any places here in washington.

Thanks Much!

recording space?

Hi...I'm looking for a non-coventional space that i could rent for doing recording, simple acoustic guitar/keyboard stuff etc.

Ideally the location would be in fremont, ballard, greenwood. i don't want to drive to west seattle or georgetown. anyone know of any place that might be available. And don't suggest activspace please...


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I may be selling my 4 valve Besson Euphonium, though I really don't want to. If you would be interested in such an item, please comment or email me.

On that note.. I lost my job a few weeks back and still haven't settled down into a new one yet (soon! hopefully). In the meantime, I am trying to pay the bills by making handmade, all-natural and mainly organic bars of soap for people and for pets. They come in all varieties, including aromatherapy, dry/sensitive skin, ezcema, lower back pain, anti-depression and more.

The pet shampoo bars are a natural way to keep your dogs/cats/rats/whatever free of pests.

I will custom make just about anything, including gift baskets for this upcoming Mother's Day! If you are at all interested, or would like more information, please email me at: made-by-alicia@comcast.net

Website will be up soon. Thank you very much for your time.

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For those who care, things I saw from the bus:

Bed Bath and Beyond- Hiring (4th & virginia)

World Wrapps- Hiring (Queen Anne Ave at Mercer)

(yes I know I could have posted this in jobs, but I'm not a member. And I'm lazy. shut up) =)

Do we have a leg to stand on?

My husband got a speeding ticket in Kirkland a few days ago, and I want to challenge it in court. I'd welcome any advice and/or stories from people with similar experiences. Here's our story:

We turned left onto 85th in Kirkland and drove a short distance before turning onto the I-405 onramp, where we got pulled over. Here's a map of where it happened. (The X on the right is where we were pulled over. The arrow is our direction of travel.) We were going 50 mph in a 35 mph zone. "SMD" is marked on the ticket, which I assume means "Speed Measuring Device".

My argument is that we had no way of knowing what the speed limit was on the short section of 85th we were on. I don't think there are any signs on that segment (I will verify this, of course). If there are no signs, can we be liable for not knowing? We know that in general, 85th is an arterial street that has a speed limit of 45 near that section. As that part is not yet in downtown Kirkland (and is not near any driveways), one who was guessing the speed limit there could logically assume it to be 45 mph.

What do you think? Would this argument stand up in traffic court?

Argument aside, what do you think the chances are that the cop won't show up? Of the fine being reduced?

Any input welcome. Thanks!

For sale.

-- Ok so in addition to the CDs I've got some other items to add to the list.
  • My fish tank complete with 2 live snails and 6 neon tetras. The tank includes a filter, heater, air filter, black rocks, 3 fake plants and a big wood haven that the fish love. I've got a little bit of food left for them as well. I've spent well over $100 for all of it and I'm asking for $20 and that you come and get it. Sold

  • A 12" Daewoo TV w/remote. $25

  • A comfortable tan recliner. $25 Sold

  • A blue Paramount Series R30 mountain bike. $50 obo.

You would need to be able to come and get the item you buy.

Edited to add:
  • A HPdeskjet 940c printer. They are going for $59.99 on ebay. I'm asking for $50.

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Last Saturday at around eleven, there were two police cruisers with their lights going sitting outside the new "Smokes and Beverages" store next to Coffee Messiah. Now that store has been mysteriously papered up and shut ever since. Anyone know what happened?


Come to

NW Rockypalooza II:

Forbidden Palooza

our mini Rocky Horror Picture Show convention on May 7th & 8th.

There will be a bunch of fun stuff to do:
  • A Friday night performance of Rocky Horror Picture Show with Seattle's cast, The Vicarious Theatre Company
  • A Saturday night performance of Rocky Horror Picture Show with an All-Star lineup from casts all over the NW region.
  • Fun social activities like:

  • General socializing in the Horsebrutality Suite
  • Exciting preshow numbers

Go here for more information about this event.

Also, there are still performance spots available for the All-Star show. Please email seattlerockypalooza@yahoo.com if you're interested.