April 14th, 2004

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Hey there. If you know an LJ user in the Seattle area (or neighboring community) who has a kick-ass, funny, well-written journal, could you provide the link? It will be mucho appreciated.

The journal should warrant any, all, or a combination of the following reactions:

b) *snort*
c) *guffaw*
e) Heh²

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Olympus c-4000 zoom digital camera!

About 2 years old, still in like-new condition. A few tiny body scratches, has never been dropped or broken! I babied this camera like crazy!

4.0 megapixel, has taken excellent photos for me, comes with all accessories:

USB cable
Smart Media Cards (one 16mb, one 128mb)
lens cap
carry-strap (attached)
NTSC Video Cable
2 Lens adapters (Olympus 41-46 & 41-52) with close-up lens set, wide-angle lens, and telephoto lens (no scratches on any of the lenses!)

Webpage with specs: http://www.olympusamerica.com/cpg_section/cpg_product_lobbypage.asp?l=1&p=16&bc=2&product=869&fl=4

I'm only asking $500 for the full set. The lenses cost around $200 each for the sets, if not more! 128MB cards are around $60-80 so you're getting a deal!

Does not come with batteries or case, buyer will have to supply those.
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Does anyone know of any Earth Day events going on in Seattle or surrounding areas?

I am looking for events to photograph for an independent study course. Mostly I am thinking of conservation efforts like beach cleanups, and activism such as demonstrations or rallys.


Party! This Saturday!

Hey everyone, it's time to rock it old school at the first ever 6SFP fundraising party!
learn more about this exciting film project here:
Come and support independent film!!!

Not only will there be hot,hot,hot music supplied by the Tangents and The Degrees, but there'll also be some special musical guests and entertainment!

Cover is only $6! To see two bands on the same night anywhere else in this city for that cheap is unheard of! Not only that, but there's a tended bar, so come and get your drink on!

Door prizes, a donation table (tax-deductible, natch), baked goods and the knowledge you helped out about 20 independent artists all in one night! How's that for humanitarianism?

Come one, come all. Bring lots of friends, 21+, please. Remember, GadZook loves you.

COCA is at 410 Dexter Ave North, Seattle, 98109

Saturday, April 17th, 8pm-1am! BE THERE!

Hip hop?

Hey Everyone

Anyone know a good place to advertise (besides Cornish College of the Arts) for a hip-hop dance instructor to teach a class for a group of middle school teens? Do you know anyone who might be interested in this opportunity?

Thanks for any help, fellow Seattleites.
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Does anybody know of any places that a 15 year old can work at in seattle, besides a grocery store or fast food place? There's probably not, but I was just checking before I gave up.
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Earliest Memory questionnaire

I may just be wasting my time here (and maybe yours too), but I need a good source of willing questionnaire volunteers. I have a short (less than 10 questions) questionnaire asking questions on participant's earliest memory in Word and PDF format. I hate to hit on people in message groups and online journals like this, but deadline is quickly approaching, and I do need 50+ respondants, particularly those aged 10-24 and 39-95.

Any suggestions where to go? Electronic distrubtion preferred. Bugging strangers on street corners, not!


I thought I would make the questionnaires linkable --
MS Word
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greetings im a seattle vetran
im 26 in burien just looking for more friends,guy or girls as long as your real...im big into music,poetry and art of any kind..here are my photos or if you wanna chat IM me here


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monument by I-5

I was driving home from portland and passed by this creepy monument thingy by I-5 near Winlock/Toledo. There were 3 poles with something perched on top and one ceramic rabbit-with-batwings-like creature at the bottom. Because we were on the highway and didn't slow down, I only caught a glimpse of it...

does anyone know anything or the story behind this?

inFusion Tribal Belly Dance in April

Hello everyone,

Here are two opportunities to see inFusion Tribal Belly Dance in Seattle in the next couple of weeks. Hope to see you out and about!

Thursday April 15th, 8pm and 9pm
The Capitol Club
414 E Pine, Capitol Hill

Enjoy some amazing food and specialty drinks, then kick back and enjoy tribal fusion belly dance in a lush modern Moroccan atmosphere. inFusion performs two sets *every Third Thursday*, at 8pm and 9pm in the lounge (21+). No cover, but do plan to get yourself some helpings of the incredible food at Capitol Club, and the delicious "Casbah" signature drink served up in a martini glass--it really is *that* good!

April 23rd, 9pm
The NEW Mirabeau Room
(in the old location of Sorry Charlie's)
529 Queen Anne Ave. N.

inFusion Tribal Belly Dance will be performing at Planet Beat's Globalista! featuring the amazing DJ Cheb i Sabbah @ The Mirabeau Room ($17) - Cheb i Sabbah was born in Algeria and moved to France in the '60s. He is one of the earliest practitioners of the art of deejaying and began spinning in Paris in 1964! His masterful trilogy of recent albums on Six Degrees Records are cult classics that have established him as a unique artist who creates bridges between cultures with a deeply moving sound drawn from DJ wizardry and world music aesthetics. DJ Darek Mazzone, James Whetzel and the Planet Beat Sound System will open, followed by inFusion Tribal. Tix available at www.ticketswest.com
(NOTE: Ticketswest gives the address of The Showbox, but that is not the location. It *is* at The Mirabeau Room, 529 Queen Anne Ave N, which will open on April 21st.)

Other upcoming events to note
(see website for more details):
May 1/2 - Sharon Moore workshop in Billings, MT
May 15 - Tribal Fest in Sebastopol, CA
May 20th - Capitol Club
May 29/30 - Sharon Moore workshop in Manitoba, Canada
May 31st - Seattle Folklife Festival

inFusion Tribal Belly Dance
Belly dance will never be the same...