April 13th, 2004

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I'm having family come and visit from out of the country, and am looking for a nice restaurant that offers Sunday Brunch, with a nice view. I've only been able to find one place, and that is Salty's on Alki. Is there anything else?
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fencing lessons

This summer a friend and I would like to take fencing lessons. Does anyone know a place thats pretty good in Seattle?

We live in the eastside, so anything in Bellevue and Redmond or around would help too.

We've looked at Rain City Fencing Center in Bellevue. Does anyone know anything about that place?
climbing green

Fantasy reading at Elliot Bay Wednesday.

I'm a writer who lived in Seattle for a bunch of years before moving to Kansas last year (that would be because I'm crazy). I'll reading from my medieval Japanese fantasy novel, Fudoki, at Elliot Bay Books in downtown Seattle Wednesday at 8pm. Come and cheer me on. Please. Don't make me beg.