April 12th, 2004


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Does anyone know anything about Mike Silverman - "That 1 Guy" who is a street performer? He was just featured on CNN.

I wonder how often this happens. It was an interesting intstrument. I'd like to see it sometime.

Hm. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? Ah well..

Vacation in Seattle

Hi everyone ,
I'm gonna spend my vacations in Seattle in the very beginning of july and was wondering if one of you would be kind enough to recommend to me a hotel or b&b that would be not too far (5 or 10 minutes walk) from the Francis Avenue N and not too expensive . In fact , I just need a place to sleep .
Thanks in advance ;-)
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(no subject)

Anyone know if there is a way to find recent arrest records for King County online? Specifically drug related. Looking for a friend's roommate and haven't had luck anywhere else.
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Exercise partner?

I was wondering if anyone was a member of Bally's?
I am looking for an exercise partner in hopes that it might get my butt in gear a little more to hitting the gym....I can go to either the North Seattle one or the Lynnwood one...possibly others, but I like those two
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