April 11th, 2004

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According to the standings part 2: The Standings Revisited...


The Seattle Mariners are still the worst team in baseball.

"Swept by Anaheim at Safeco Field to start the season, the Mariners are 0-5 for the first time since beginning 1994 with five straight losses. Their longest losing streak to start a season was six in 1991."

Not to worry. In theory, they might rise to the lofty ranks of... the Blue Jays. Or the Phillies. Or even the Rockies. All of whom, at 1-4, can at least say "At least we're not Seattle."...

I heard people at work talking about the Mariners diet... no eating until they win. Better them than me. :)

I'm curious, though... http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/baseball/mlb/schedules/2004/mariners/ shows the schedule for the team, and if Oakland wins the next game, not only is it going to tie the aforementioned streak, it'll be two straight sweeps. What's the Mariners record for lost sweeps? Three? Four? More? Bueller?
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Helpful Home Remedies

Okay, I was wondering if anyone has any helpful home remedies for recovering from food poisoning?
I thought I was better today, but after being up and moving around my body and stomach are complaining.
Believe, me I am better than yesterday where I spent most of the morning with la toilette, then the afternoon trying to find a comfortable position to sleep in.
I actaully awoke sometime in the night feeling oddles better (stomach pain begone!)

Tea has been my drink of choice though in moderation because even that upset me a little. For get milk to coat, I am one of those lactose funny people...though ice cream did help a little...then the sugar kicked in.

so if anyone knows of like a good broth soup with maybe something lightly solid in it (like egg drop or wanton) I would really appreciate. For now, sunshine in the backyard, and maybe find pede-a-lite pops??
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Fun Things I've Done In Seattle With A Girl (PG-13 version)

A friend recently approached me with a problem that many would love to have: he has a new girl. The difficulty is that he isn't sure where to take her. Seattle's a big town, and he was sure there were things fun things to do, but was coming up short on ideas. In need, he came to me to ask what sort of fun things I'd done over the years with feminine company.

What began as a quick reply evolved into something larger: one part a trip down memory lane, one part a college student's guide to romance in Seattle. By no means comprehensive, this is merely thirteen items I've done over the years that ended up working out well.

Below is my letter to him, in its entirety.

Collapse )

I don't think Seattle has ever been known as a city for lovers. But somehow, through the drizzly days, parkas, and unkempt hair, people are falling for each other everyday here. Where did you go? How did it happen?

Comcast and TiVo

Recently Comcast has been upgrading their converter boxes with a new firmware that will allow subscribers to get their new OnDemand service. Unfortunately this has been wreaking havoc with my tivo. I finally figured out that the new firmware required a change in the IR Blaster code, since it the converter box was no longer accepting the number 6 from the tivo. Also, the cable box menus were just slow, taking 2-5 secs to move the cursor around. Comcast said that customers have been having that problem a lot, and just to unplug the box, wait a couple minutes, plug it back in and that should fix it. I was just wonder if anyone else has been having issues.

Addendum : Unplugging the cable box doesn't seem to help the slowness problem. I've since found the serial cable, and it seems to work now with the cable box. The tivo still thinks it's using the serial ir, but I don't think I can switch it without spending an hour going back thru the step-by-step setup again. At least it seems it's working for now.
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Anyone have elderly mother safe ideas?

My 70 year old mother is coming to see me for the first time in Seattle from the midwest. I'd like to show her around a little. She had a massive heart attack last October and had a double bypass, and now I'm paranoid about what I can take her to go do that isn't going to cause her to drop dead on me. I'm thinking that scary ride in the elevator up the space needle is right out.

Anyone have elderly mother safe ideas? I don't want to sit around the house the whole time she's here.
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I have another list of CDS I am selling. This time I have posted in my personal journal so that everyone can comment. Check it out HERE