April 9th, 2004

Just Joined

Gooood Morning Seattle.

I just joined this group and looking forward to reading all the posts. I see one or 2 events that will be good for a Great Big Girl like me, as well as reading some other's journals.

*raising hand* Hi, my name is Gail, and i'm a journal addict. I've been an addict for the past 3 months.

Thanks for keeping such a nice community alive.
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Free computer stuff

I've got a 14" color monitor and a scanner that I'm going to be throwing out, but I thought I'd see if anyone here was interested in them before I did.

The scanner is an UMAX Astra 600P which worked perfectly fine until I forgot to shut it off one weekend, and the light burned out. I haven't been able to find a place to a replacement light, and I already bought a new scanner so it'd be too much of a bother anyway. If anyone here thinks that they have the time and resources to bother with such a thing, well then you've got yourself an otherwise free scanner.

If anyone is interested, drop a comment and we'll arrange a way for you to pick it up.

KISW Rock Girl Gala

Hey everyone. My husband and I have two tickets to the KISW Rock Girl Gala tomorrow night that we're not going to be using. If anyone wants them, you can have them but you've gotta be able to come get them from us in Northgate. Leave a comment with an AIM screenname or an e-mail address and I'll get back to whoever's first.
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Are any of you or do any of you know teachers in the Seattle area who teach Carnatic/Indian voice or music lessons to clueless people such as myself?


-- I'm giving this a shot.

At the end of the month I'm going to be moving. In preparation for this move, I am trying to get rid of as much as I possibly can. This includes outrageously old and humerous CDs that have been collecting dust for quite some time now.

If you are at all interested, click here for details.
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