April 7th, 2004


Looking for Caribbean Market

Anyone know of a Market that sells food products from the Caribbean or is there an active community here in the Seattle area? or a specific Reggae club, not just a Reggae night??

Trying to find patty, cocoa bread, easter bread etc.

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TOM JANE in person
Star of the new film THE PUNISHER
Opening nationwide April 16

Wednesday, April 7 (Today)
3:00 pm to 4:30 pm
at Dreaming Comics
5226 University Way N.E.
*The first 50 people will receive a Punisher t-shirt!*

For larger lovely ladies


"DANGEROUS CURVES: big girls behaving badly” is a joyful celebration benefit evening of song, dance, spoken word and burlesque for women of size. On Friday, May 14th at the Broadway Performance Hall, beginning at 5:30 pm, (show starts at 8), there will be a benefit event to joyously uplift and nurture women of size.

"Dangerous Curves" is about self-acceptance, vibrant empowerment and outrageous fun! There will be shopping and schmoozing with a variety of vendors, resource tables, a massage booth, snacks vendors, a mini fashion show and a fabulous raffle, as well as an amazing variety show.

Featured performers in the show include the fabulous Queen Bees, Zan Scommadou, The Willies, Teri Ciacchi, Kristina Linn, Ariel Federow, Carol Kane, Kelly Wright, Sylvia O'Stayformore, emcee Sabrina Roach, beautiful fashion models and much more!

Beneficiaries of the event include SeFATtle, Water Women, a fat-positive local swim group and future local women of size conferences.

The performances will be ASL interpreted and the Hall is wheelchair accessible. The Broadway Performance Hall is part of Seattle Central Community College and is located on Capitol Hill at Broadway and Pine Street.

Some of the performance material may not be suitable for children. Tickets are $10 and will be available after April 7th at Ticket Window outlets and http://www.ticketwindowonline.com.
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Place to post shared-housing situations

Hello...I maintain a list called seattle_cohouse. It is a small discussion and resource group for people interested in intentional community in the Seattle area. The list doesn't have very wide exposure right now because I haven't advertised it a lot. Still, it is a good place to post notices about co-housing, communes, co-ops, intentional families, and other kinds of shared housing.

Folks on the list tend to be interested in creating community rather than just renting a room, so bear that in mind in posting advertisements.
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Whoo for emigration.

So, I'm a Seattlite currently living in the Balkans. In my time here I've made a friend who has always dreamt of living in America, and has far more of a future (immediate, at least) there than she does in her own country. I'd like to help make it a possibility. She's basically had the means (money and time) but not the connections, but hopefully if we both work in our countries to find out information, we can make it happen.

Have any of you ever helped any foreigners to acquire a visa (student, work, whatever)/find work in the US/live in the US for an extended period of time (perhaps a year, give or take six months)? If so, does anyone have any advice as for where to look, who to contact, the availability of jobs for foreigners (particularly in Seattle or in general, whatever), etc? Or are any of you immigrants yourselves? All input is appreciated.

By the way, she's educated and speaks English, so there you go.

Thanks, kids.
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where do boat buyers hang out?

i work in an art supply store in the u-district and my boss (who lives in maine) asked me to sell his 10' aluminum boat, it's 6 or 7 years old, should fetch $500 - $550 and has spent most of it's life in our store. am working on a craigslist post, but would like to get this over with so thought i'd also make some fliers, and wondered if any of you might have suggestions for sensible places to post them? thanks!