April 5th, 2004

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hey everyone, i just wanted to let you guys know OK GO will be going through your lovely city on April 12 at Crocodile Caf?.
you should really think about going.
[ okgo.net ]

thanks for your time! xoxo
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Losing your voting rights

I posted this a few days ago, but since this is such a large community, I wanted to re-post this on a weekday to hopefuly inform more people:

Governor Locke just passed a primary voting system into law where we are now going to have to choose only ONE political party's balot at the primary in September.

Is this what we want people?

This means that we will only be able to vote the candidates of ONE political party!

Well, one organization is stepping up to the plate to fight for the rights of Washington voters. The Washington State Grange has an initiative to the people out there called the "People's Choice" Initiative (I-872). It would implement a top-two system which will look almost identical to our blanket primary system at the voting booth.

The Grange is launching a radio campaign today to generate support for the "People's Choice" initiative. Here's an MP3 of the radio spot...I highly recommend checking this out:

Click here to listen to the I-872 radio campaign ad (1 mg)

This is a public service announcement. Polls show that 70-80 percent of Washington voters do not want their freedom of choice taken away from them (see the Elway poll on the Secretary of State's website).

For more information, go to www.blanketprimary.org
You can order a petition online of you would like to help get signatures or sign it yourself. The "People's Choice" initiative needs to get 250,000 signatures by the end of June if we want to be able to vote on it in the November election.

Don't let the government and the political parties (yes, ALL the major parties - including Republicans, Democrats, and Libertarians) take your rights away from you. Get involved!

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TOM JANE in person
Star of the new film THE PUNISHER
Opening nationwide April 16

Wednesday, April 7
3:00 pm to 4:30 pm
at Dreaming Comics
5226 University Way N.E.
*The first 50 people will receive a Punisher t-shirt!*


Has anyone ever felt that Seattle is one of the lonliest cities EVER?

Unless I'm at some festival, it is......


It's so sad, there is no one to talk to....

Am I that repulsive??
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Laser Mole Removal

I'm looking for a doctor of some sort to perform laser mole removal. I'd prefer it be somewhere on the Eastside. Plastic surgeon or dermatologist, doesn't really matter to me. Thanks for any info

Looking for Sunday Brunch on the Eastside

I'm looking for a place for Sunday Brunch on the east site (Bellevue/Redmond). Specifically, we have a weekly Sunday outing at approximately 1st St and 100th Ave (just south of Bellevue Square Mall).

It'd be nice to find something either there, or on the way back to where we live (near Microsoft Campus).

Thanks in advance.
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Found: Wallet w/ID in Georgetown

I found a wallet containing ID, credit cards, and receipts (but no money) lying scattered by the side of the road on my way to the bus tonight. This was in the Georgetown area of Seattle, on Michigan between Corson Ave. and 4th.

If you think this might be your wallet, drop me a line, and we'll figure out how to get it back to you.

Just trying to do my part to help out. :)

Update: I'm off to drop it off at the local precinct — might as well let the professionals handle this. Comments have been turned off.

Update 2: I got a call this morning from the owner of the wallet, thanking me for turning it in. He's fine, no mugging or bodily harm involved — lost a little cash, but was happy to get the ID, pics, and cards back. All's well that ends well.
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Anyone out there play banjo?

I'm new to them. I just ordered a brand new one. Upon receiving it I found that the neck was humped, so I tried loosening it. I loosened it as much as it could go, which took down the hump a little, but the strings are still lying flat against where the neck meets the body thus rendering it unplayable.

Anyone got any suggestions? It's a Barnes & Mullins 5-string.