April 3rd, 2004

Fear Kali

Baby Shower

I need some help finding a nice hotel to host a baby shower. The budget for a room is about 300-400 bux, and we are looking for something that is not just a hotel room, nor a just a conference room. A suite with a "living room" that can hold up to 20 people....with a couple of couches......I know its asking for alot of specifics, but we want the guests as well as the Mom to be to feel very comfortable.
(i checked memories first)

Thanks in advance!
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World Rhythm Festival

Looking for something to do this week-end that doesn't cost anything
and is ALOT OF FUN?

Come down to Seattle center for the big WORLD RHYTHM FESTIVAL.

There are tons of free drum and dance workshops from many cultures
and traditions and lot's of FREE PERFORMANCES as well.

Check out my band, HAMANAH DON, playing traditional Maninka rhythms,
dance and song from West Africa. We play today, 4/3, at the Seattle Center
in the Center house at 4:30.

More details on WRF here.

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We're losing our voting rights friends!!

I thought all you Washingtonians would like to know about this (in case you haven't been following the media):

Governor Locke just passed a primary voting system into law where we are now going to have to choose only ONE political party's balot at the primary in September.

Is this what we want people?

This means that we will only be able to vote the candidates of ONE political party!

Well, one organization is stepping up to the plate to fight for the rights of Washington voters. The Washington State Grange has an initiative to the people out there called the "People's Choice" Initiative (I-872). It would implement a top-two system which will look almost identical to our blanket primary system at the voting booth.

The Grange is launching a radio campaign on Monday to generate support for the "People's Choice" initiative. Here's an MP3 of the radio spot...I highly recommend checking this out:

I-872 radio campaign ad

This is a public service announcement. Polls show that 70-80 percent of Washington voters do not want their freedom of choice taken away from them.

For more information, go to www.blanketprimary.org
You can order a petition online of you would like to help get signatures or sign it yourself. The "People's Choice" initiative needs to get 250,000 signatures by the end of June if we want to be able to vote on it in the November election.

Don't let the government and the political parties (yes, ALL the major parties - including Republicans, Democrats, and Libertarians) take your rights away from you. Get involved!


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I checked memories but it was not helpful.......

I'm trying to find a hair and makeup person for my wedding day (not until August). It can be a salon or someone to come to my house. I want someone good, but I need it to be reasonable for price.... I have been recommended to try like Gene Juarez but they seem so pricey.

Does anyone have any kind of reccomendation or are you yourself someone who does hair and makeup? :)
Thanks so much! :) :)

Seeking suburban sushi

I live in Covington - my house is on 189th Ave SE and 265th St. SE.

I'm looking for a good sushi restaraunt that is close to my house. The closest places I know are in downtown Seattle, downtown Tacoma, and one or two in Des Moines.

The memories had a bunch of recommendations, but they were all for downtown (Seattle).

Anyone know someplace closer? Kent, Auburn, Renton, Maple Valley... you know, the sticks.
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Banks. Of Pigs.

I'm attempting to locate a piggy bank. Specifically one that MUST be smashed to gain access to the money that's been deposited into it. I need something to put all my tips into to facilitate my move to San Francisco. Something that I can't get sticky fingered with when tempted. Any ideas where to find one?
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Some people...

So, I was just made the victim of a practical joke in the Red Apple on 23rd and Jackson. An off duty employee (in street wear) told me he was security for the store and that he had seen me steal a pack of batteries. He then took me into the actual back (employees only) area of the store and then went and got the manager. When the manager came back he didn't know what was going on and then realized that the off duty employee had played a joke on me. I wasn't too mad then, but the more I think about it, the madder I get. Lawsuit material? Anyone have any sort of experience with this sort of thing? What kind of lawyer do I call on Monday? Thanks!

Addendum: So I've decided to just let it slide. Thanks for the input. No thanks to the boorish troll.
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