April 2nd, 2004



way back when hi-score arcade on capitol hill had a pinball game called "whirlwind" - i am searching for another place that may have this game in the seattle area.
Has anyone seen it around?

also any suggestions on good places to play pins? shorty's is super and all but im looking for a new place to loiter and waste my quarters. ;)
thanks much for any info


hey i'm yet another person starting an online literary magazine and i am looking for writers. if anyone here has anything they'd like to share, you can send your submissions to sarah@incoherency.org

I am looking for many diverse writers. you can write about politics, religion.. anything. even tales of your own experiences and life... any topic will be considered. I would especially like it if any of you are enviromentalists, to send me essays on that subject. but really anything works, and it doesnt have to at all be on some traditional topic likes the ones i just mentioned as long as it is well written and has a strong voice... and is just.... good. i hope to receive your submissions soon!

oh also, i am still trying to figure out if this zine should also include sections on photography and music. if i get enough people willing to submit to those categories, i'll definitely include that too. just let me know..

thanks for your time.