March 31st, 2004


Sound Mind and Body

Does anyone have any info on Sound Mind and Body in Fremont? I want to switch to that gym, but I can never get anyone on the phone to give me membership information. I just want to know what the enrollment fee is and how much the montly fees are. I am super busy so I don't really have time to go in and check it out. I tried the website, but no love there. I am not picky with my gyms, so if it's a fair price or at least cheaper then my current gym, then I am totally down. Thanks in advance.

Or, if you live in Fremont, where do you work out?

More healthcare info?

Okay, so I went ahead and bought the annual UW health insurance so I'm covered til fall. Thanks to those of you who commented about it.

Now does anyone have any suggestions for WHERE to go to for the eye exam & contacts (I'm borderline astigmatic)? Remember, I'm a student. The Ave would be very convenient..are Davis or Eyes Rite any good? There's a coupon for Eyes Rite that looked like it might offset the cost.. Or should I go farther afield? I have a car, so I'm willing to drive if someone can recommend an excellent place.

How about a dentist for teeth cleaning and maybe some cavity drilling? How's the UW Dental clinic? Roosevelt clinic?


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She disappeared

(no subject)

Hi everyone! I'm not actually from Seattle, rather just north of the border in Vancouver, BC.

I am looking for 2 tickets to the HIM show at Graceland on April 30. I will pay well for them because I *must* go to this show.

I hope it's okay if I post my query here, because I'm running out of ideas!

Thanks in advance! :)


Lasik sergery

My eyes are bad. Glasses are not my think since I can never find a pair that look good on me and I either lose or break them. I have also heard horror stories about contacts and can't conciously put anything in my eyes other than Visine. So I've been seriously considering laser syergery now that it has been in practice for a while and relativly cheep. Can anyone who has had this done recomend someone or tell me thier expiriences? Thanks.
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Selling a Car (not an ad)

I need to sell my 98 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP. I have details on the car if anyone here is interested, but that's not why I'm posting.

I'm interested in knowing what your experiences have been with used car dealers in the area. I've never sold a car before. Fortunately, I'm not under HUGE pressure to sell right NOW, so I can walk away if I think I'm being had, but still, I don't even know which dealers to try first.

Anyone have any recommendations or thoughts?

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