March 30th, 2004


In a month...

Are there any local shows Friday, April 30 or Saturday, May 1? I'll be home for a short time and really need to go to a local show. I've been missing it so much.

Katie: Do you know what Matthew, Josh and/or Steve have been up to?

Oh, is anyone going to the Pug Gala 2004? That's my main reason for coming home. :) Piper, my pug, and Phoebe, my sister's pug, will be leading the way on May 1st. If you like pugs, you have to be there! Check it out:
Abraxas Gem 2

24 Carat Gold

Does anyone here do silver and/or gold plating as a hobby or know someone who does?

I have a few very small pieces that need to be plated, but I'll be damned if I'm going to pay the inflated prices I've been quoted by the pros. I know the materials are expensive, but damn.
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Parking Meter

Saturday, I posted about a parking meter that malfunctined. Partial update: The columnist who writes Getting There in the Seattle PI has responded to my question, and will print it next week :) I am currently gathering info (parking meter, exact location) today, and will call in to report the meter if it is still broken.

Thanks for the information, the number to call to report the meter, etc etc. I'll post again with the answer that Getting There provides.

any new clubs/cafes etc

Hey all,

I am wondering if any of you now of any new clubs/cafes etc that are opening up soon in the Seattle area??

I tried Seattle Weekly but I dont think I will get the best info because the best info is word of mouth.


(no subject)

does anyone here know what place in the area has the best price for microsoft software, specifically onenote? if anyone here gets access to the microsoft store, how much is it there? i'm not asking for someone to purchase it for me there...i'm just curious. thanks.
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Soup restaurants?

Are there any restaurants in seattle which primarily serve soup? I'm looking for the type of place where there are maybe 8+ different soups to choose from and a few different kinds of bread/salads. Preferably cheap (~$5.00) and available to go.

(I checked the memories before posting, btw)..

Cam Whore

Roommate Wanted

So my former roommate is looking for someone to take my place. He posted on Craig's List, and if you wanna know, its a big bedroom with a private bath (very nice) on Lake City Way that he's renting out for way less than he should. Nice guy and very quiet. He's looking for someone ASAP.

Check it out if you are interested.

(no subject)

Hello there! I joined this community in the hopes of learning more about Seattle, as with all the flattering things I keep hearing I would like to come and check it out. I've lived my adult life in upstate New York, Boston and Phoenix. So far I've heard that Seattle boasts a clean, upscale urban downtown surrounded by a picturesque backdrop of mountains and ocean, plentiful organic produce, heavy Asian influence, culture, culture, culture; and a primarily liberal leaning populous. All of these factors sound very appealing to me.

What I am interested in finding out is what the different parts of the city are like? Where do you go for what? Is there a site that outlines what the neighborhoods are like?From what little research I've done via Craigslist rents don't seem to bad compared to Beantown. What can one expect to pay (ballpark) for studio or one bedroom in a safe but not-too-far-out area?

Also, what is the job market like?

And, one last question: have I completely just alienated any potential friends/connections by bombarding this community with annoying questions???
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...lets try this again.

I have a whole garage of stuff that has to be gone by May 1st. Free to whomever gets it first:

(click for pictures)
  • 70's style couch
  • old turntable with 2 speakers
  • 2 stools
  • a rocking recliner-type chair (it's not a recliner, but I'm at a loss for how to describe it)
  • a lamp

    Here's the deal:
    You have to be able to haul it yourself, as I only own a paltry Honda Civic. There are more items, but too many for me to list right now. Any items that I am unable to give away by next week will be sold on Ebay. I would *prefer* that the larger stuff go now, because shipping them will be a pain. I am only available for pick-ups in the morning until 11 am. I'm sorry, but can't make exceptions, as I have no days off. I don't live at the location (on Capitol Hill), so I will need to know in advance if you will be there, so that I don't make a useless trip and wake up the residents needlessly.

    Please e-mail me at with questions or other concerns.

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