March 29th, 2004

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just asking for suggestions

I really want a new apartment. Teh int3rw3b isn't helping much.

Absolute Requirements:

1 bedroom
Walking distance to Broadway (prefer the area between Bellevue Ave and Broadway or 15th and Broadway)
$900 or less per month
hardwood floors
Lots of counterspace in the bathroom
lots of windows
kitchen bigger than a phone booth
secure building

Cool extra amenities I wouldn't mind:

IN-UNIT washer and dryer
Track lighting
A balcony
Parking spot
Roofdeck or courtyard

Any ideas?

No "quaint" or "old world charm" buildings, please.

Vehicular Seattle

I have not owned a car in Seattle before. I have a choice of a roommate situation in Capitol Hill for 450/mo, or a really nice room in Lake Forest Park for 270/mo. I like the place in LFP as far as amenities better, but since I'm working and going to school, I already have 14 hour days 4 days a week starting next week.

If I move to LFP, I will need to get a car in order to handle the commute to belltown/cap hill for work and school.

I'm trying to decide still. How much does it cost to own a car in Seattle? Does someone live in the Lake Forest Park area that can tell me about traffic/time concerns? I can get a manual car fairly cheaply but the biiiigg arse hills downtown daunt me somewhat.

How much does insurance run? Who is a good provider? Where is a good place to even GET a car that's reliable, under $2,000?

Any and all imput about driving in Seattle would be appreciated.

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Does anyone know where I can adopt a young miniature English Bulldog? I don't want to pay a ton... and hopefully the puppy will be fixed and have all it's shots up to date before I get it. Thanks!