March 27th, 2004


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If you think the word cute applies to you and your band in any way, shape or form, be it musical style, looks, instruments or just shoes (and live in the Seattle Area) -- we want to know about it. Yes, it's time for the 2nd annual "Cutest Band In Seattle Contest"! Last year's event was a huge success, so we thought we'd do it again.

Last year's winners were Ambitious Career Women and Asahi . The celebrity judges included Imaginary Dana and Imaginary Liz, Em'ma Gawd! and Anna Rexia, Producer Steve of (formerly) 107.7 the end, and Megan Seling and Adrian Ryan of The Stranger.

There are some changes to this year's program, however. More information involving details will be announced later. We've gotta keep you guessing somehow.

Right now, we just want your demos, contact information, and a photo of you/your band! The show will take place on Friday, May 21th. So don't enter unless you can play that night.

We will be accepting entries until mid-April or so. If you get picked to make it into the next round, we will contact you and everything will go from there. Please do not send items that you want returned, we will not be sending them back.

Send all demos and photos and love notes to:
Seattle's Cutest Band
c/o the Milkbar
P.O. Box 95285
Seattle, Wa 98145
Abraxas Gem 2

Anyone Else?

Who besides me wants to get together and strangle Comcast with their own goddamned cable? My service has been intermittant for three days now.

Edit, 3/28: I should have mentioned that I was talking about broadband internet. It's still on and off.

Metallica *** Godsmack tickets for sale!

I have two metallica tickets and i don't want to go to the show, so i decided to sell them for 50$ each. They were originaly 55$ each with a ticketmaster service charge of $8.65, so you actually end up saving money.

This sunday, Key Arena, ..let me know if you want to buy them!

e-mail me at if interested!

eastside coffee places?

So, I'm not a regular coffee drinker.

Anyone care to suggest their favorite coffee shops on the Eastside? Starbucks is out... proximity to Crossroads (but not in Crossroads) would be a plus.
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Ran out to Capital Hill today, and found a parking spot with a meter. No biggie, we had quarters. Got out, tried to feed the meter, and we couldn't get any quarters to go in. The knob was also stuck. Basically the meter was jammed.

Question is, were we allowed to park there? I told my boyfriend that if we got a ticket, I would go argue it in court (I love doing that, I'm weird). We did end up with a ticket, big surprise.

Basically, I heard (as well as others I know) that if a meter malfunctions, you do not have to pay the fine. Is this true? I also had 2 friends witness that it wouldn't work.

Responses would be great.

good record stores in seattle??

I'm sure this has been posted before but..

anyone know of any good record shops in/around seattle..records as in the large round vinyl things... I'm actually up in Mukilteo and am heading down to the city tomarrow to find me some records for my new turntable.

I'm in the market for some female jazz singer/trip hop/and a few classis rock albums. My boyfriend has been on a hip hop binge lately so i'm assuming he's looking for some of that or possibly some older punk releases.

any help is appreciated!!
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Evergreen Hospital

I have a client giving birth at Evergreen hospital. I am going to take a tour but I am looking more for inside information. What was your opinion of the hospital? Did you have a doula and if so, how did the hospital react? Any other inside information I should know about?

Thanks for your time.