March 24th, 2004


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Is there anyone on this list who knows Photoshoppe 7.0 pretty well?
Who could come over and show me a thing or 2?
i.e. how to put 2 pictures side by side?
and how to cut someone out of a photo
and put them onto another?

I coud pay $10.00 for one hour.

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great seattle girl scout hunt 2004

okay, kids, its time to participate in the great seattle girl scout hunt of 2004.

i *need* cookies, and there arent very many girl scouts wandering around the scary part of the u district near i-5. so wherever youve seen them set up outside QFC or Safeway or wherever else you see them set up, let us all know, so we can do our part to support the wonderful organization that is the Girl Scouts of America.

oh, and so we can all get some cookies too.

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Hi. :)

I'm part of a Venture Crew, which is a new thing that the Boy Scouts started for young people age 14-20. We have about 15 people in our group. On June 19th, we're going to Tanzania, Africa for two weeks. Half of the trip we'll be climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro and the other half will be safari. Our expedition will be lead by Eric Simonson of International Mountain Guides.

Okay. The point is, we're ALWAYS looking for new ways to raise money for our trip. The more money we raise doing fundraisers, work projects, etc, the less money we have to pay out of our pockets. (The trip will cost us each $4500.) So far, we've cut down trees in a friend's yard and hauled them away, built a big rock wall, and cleaned up a huge section of land on a river that was baisically a dump.

If you have any yard work, painting, cleaning or any other miscelaneous jobs that you need done and are willing to pay us for it, PLEASE let me know. Once again, we have about 15 people in our group so we can get a lot done pretty fast.

My e-mail is or you can just leave a comment. Our group leader is Alan Billingsley and I have his phone number & e-mail for anyone who is actually interested in this.

Also, we are currently searching for sponsors. We're already talking with Boy's Life Magazine, REI and some newspapers. If you're interested in sponsoring our group or have any other suggestions on how to raise money, I'd be grateful. ;) Thanks!



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I know this is selfish, but I need some information. I'm a complete geek and I make soap in my spare time. No cow fat, no horse hooves, no gross stuff. I've been thinking about trying to sell some of it, but I have not the faintest idea of where to start peddling it, as I am uncultured and rarely go places. Anyone know of any kitschy little shops that might consider something of the sort?
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I am looking for submissions for my art/literary magazine, EYE CANDY.
I am accepting submissions from artists, writers and musicians. The magazine will be a free publication and distributed in select cities nationwide.
Eye Candy is for up and coming artists/writers/musicians to be able to promote themselves, there will also be established artists featured as well. The prices for advertisements are extremely CHEAP for artists/writers/musicians and smaller businesses to afford. Ads start at $5 and go from there according to size.
The premier issue will be distributed June 2004.
For detailed info please e-mail, the website for Eye Candy will be up and running in a few days. If you are interested in participating with the publication then e-mail me for Submission Requirements or a Media Kit with ad rates and sizes please e-mail me at:
Please serious inquiries only.
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I've never been to Seattle before and know nothing about what happens there, but I'm coming in April for a conference and want to know what I should be sure not to miss!

Thanks for your help! :)

good read in the stranger

Dan Savage obtains a license to marry a lesbian, in order to make a point (If there's anyone out there who isn't completely sick of this issue by now)

Here's my take on it, and it's a viewpoint that I don't hear often from others:

We got ourselves into this situation by federalizing marriage in the first place--by granting states the right to issue marriage licenses.

Marriage has two definitions: The first is a religious institution symbolizing the sacred union between a man and a woman. The second is a secular institution that grants the rights and privileges of domestic partnership.

The problem is that the law doesn't make that distinction--you can't have one without the other.

Ideally, it should be up to religious institutions to recognize matrimony, and it should be up to the state to recognize domestic partnership. That way, any given church/synagogue/mosque/temple/shrine/etc. can reserve the right to marry or not marry a couple, and all couples, hetero and homo alike, are rightfully entitled to the civil rights and responsibilities of domestic partnership (after all, rhetorically speaking, how is a childless marriage between two atheists all that different from a gay marriage?).

This would also eliminate the "separate is inherently unequal" argument (often used against the "civil union" idea) because the state wouldn't be treating hetero and homo couples any differently--the discrimination would be left up to the religious institutions.

This is how I think things should be, I'm just not sure how we can get there from here--it would be difficult to say the least, because it's a states' rights issue. I just thought I'd share an interesting article, and try to spread some sensible ideas around without getting too political about the issue. I used to have a tough time picking a "side," but it's become obvious that both sides are wrong. This debate as it stands is fundamentally flawed, because the people on each side are arguing about completely different things.
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Dorks on the road!

Anyone see a dark blue car on I-5 North today, with a bunch of guys in it holding up signs?

At around 3pm, they drove by me in Bellingham. I looked over and they had a sign help up that said "EH?" and then another one with "LOL" on it. I laughed my ass off, and drove up a bit. They saw me signaling to take an exit not long after, and I saw a "NO!!" sign in the front window. As they passed me when I was on the exit, they held up one more sign that said " ^_^ ". I couldn't help but at least wave to the amusing group.

Yeah, the Internet dorks have hit the road.
Sure was funny though :)
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Okay, I'm leaving for wenatchee tomorrow morning, so if anyone is able to respond to this post before then, that would be great. anyway, i'm going to be there for a few hours, and i just wanted to know if there were any cool stores or shops or even a mall for me to check out. i know there's lots more to wenatchee than shopping, but i'm not going to be there for that long. i've heard of the mall called grand central building, but that's about my extent of knowledge. i know this is the seattle, not wenatchee LJ, but if ANYONE knows anything i will be eternally grateful!