March 23rd, 2004

static cling!


I have the day off tomorrow I'd like to take a drive with my fiance. We are thinking the southern half of Washington... or thereabouts....

Does anyone have any suggestions on where we might want to go? Know of a back road cafe thats to die for? I was thinking for maybe a hike or picnic, but we need to have a backplan.... its supposed to rain :P
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So, are the new portable toilets going to stay? It seems like I hear nothing but bad things about them. Personally, I think we do need public restrooms, but if it costs this much and there's only five, I don't think it should be done this way.

besides, what happens if it takes longer than 15 minutes* to use the can?

*The door automaticly opens after 15 minutes of being occupied
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FREE broken but fixable dishwasher must go!

I have a FREE 1970s floor-model portable dishwasher (don't ask - long story) that mostly works but has a screwed up detergent dispenser. (It doesn't open when it's supposed to open.) It might just need a new spring or something else like that OR it might need something complicated. If you want it for FREE, it's yours. U-Haul from U. District. It's the kind that wheels around on a floor; it's got a fake butcher-block top (emphasis on fake) and is kind of burnt-umber and yellow. You can send me mail at kahv0001 at murkworks dot net if you want it. Reply quickly, 'cause I want it gone!
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(no subject)

Does anyone know of some awesome vintage dress shops in Seattle? Or just awesome thrift stores? I have a formal thing coming up soon. Don't want to blow major cash on a dress and old things make me smile. If you do know, please leave the name and what street it's located on. Thank you bunches!
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kchronicles author appearance

Keith Knight, who writes two great comics, Kchronicles (which I read every week on and (th)ink is doing a reading/slideshow this Fri. Mar. 26, 7pm: Confounded Books (315 E. Pine St., Seattle) With Jennifer Daydreamer.

Thought some of you might want to know...should be good, I find his comics to be funny funny funny.