March 21st, 2004

redheads have more fun

my microwave needs a good home

hello. i have a microwave that needs a home. its the old gianormous brown kind, but its an amazing microwave. if it were not for my tiny kitchen, it would be up on the counter waiting to be used.
please come free this poor guy.

its in the greenwood area. let me know if you want him, and he is yours.

video rentals?

I'm looking for a rental place where they have a good selection, good prices, etc. I'm especially interested in a place where you can rent an entire season of show at once, unlike Blockbuster, where you have to rent each DVD separately. Does such a place exist, possibly close to the U-district? Anywhere in Seattle is okay though.

seattle area pet stores

is there anywhere in town that sells live seaweed/plants for fishtanks?

yesterday i found out scooter's on capitol hill, unfortunately is now closed (the owner retired and it is now a mudbay grainery). that small pet store on 45th (next to that plant shop) closed last year sometime and petco on 45th has fish (but only with plastic seaweed/plants).