March 19th, 2004



I was wondering if any one knows of any reasonably priced furniture stores around the Seattle area. We are looking for a microfiber sofa for out new apartment. If anyone has any suggestions that would be great.

Wrongly accused by Ampco Parking

Be careful with AMPCO Parking!

I parked at the Galleria in Bellevue last December. I had my ticket partially validated, but when I presented my ticket to the attendant, I was told the charge I was liable for was $2.00. I explained to the attendant that I only had $1.00. She told me not to worry about it, and that I could pay the parking fee in a little yellow envelope she wrote up, on which she recorded my license plate number.

Printed on the envelope said that I had X number of days (I think it was 5) to pay the fee, or otherwise, they would add a $40.00 charge (if I recall correctly, could've been $30.00). I went back to the Galleria parking garage one full day before it was due to avoid the $40.00 charge, and handed the $2.00 I owed, inside the original envelope, to the attendant who was on duty at the time. She accepted the payment and all was well. I thought. I had absolutely no reason to believe otherwise.

However, a couple days ago -- about three full months after the parking experience -- I recieve this thing in the mail from Ampco. This marks the first time I've ever received anything from them. It was an attempt-to-collect notice declaring that I owned more than $80.00 (they had applied the first late charge, and assessed a second penalty fee)!

Of course, the notice said that if I believed it to be in error, that I could write back to explain why. So I wrote a letter basically telling them I paid the attendant one full day before it would be considered late. (I haven't mailed it just yet...) But you know how it goes... I'll bet they'll write back screaming that I wasn't supposed to hand it to the attendant, and that I was supposed to mail it in, or something. If so, thank you very much Mr. Parking Garage Attendant -- it is your uncaring and inattentive customer negligence that could cost me a very pretty penny.
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Used car dealership recommendations

I checked through the memories and couldn't find anything about this, so I'm asking...

Does anyone here have experience buying a car (new or used--preferably used) from a Lithia dealership?  I've been considering buying a used car from Lithia Hyundai of Renton, but I wanted to get the opinion of others before I went back there.

Also, if no one has any experience with them, I would appreciate any recommendations.  Are there any places where you had a good car buying experience that you would recommend to others?

(and for the record, I did read the undercover car dealer article)

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I know this has been asked a bazillion times before, but I honestly did look in the memories and couldn't find it:

What is the URL for the emergency listings for Seattle? There are more sirens going off than I can count in the south lake union area..
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Silent Games

Anyone know American Sign Language? Want to put it to use while meeting other signers, hard of hearing, and deaf people? Join us tomorrow night!

Where: CSCDHH (Community Service Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing). Info and map at
When: Tomorrow, Saturday night. 7pm-9:30pm
Cost: Deaf=FREE Others: $5

Play signing games, and meet a ton of people!

Sorry for the short notice. I just got back into town after being in Idaho for school, and haven't had time to update about this. But it happens on the third saturday, every month!!

Hope to see you there!
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pros and cons

What are the top five things you like least about living in Seattle?

I'm moving up there in December and totally looking forward to it, but want to know about the downsides from an insider perspective. You can add the top five best things to even it out, but I've got plenty of impetus to move, just wondering what I should look out for.

Demographic: 19 year old female(s, with my roommate) moving up there to work full time for a year and save for college from San Jose, CA.
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