March 17th, 2004

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Satellite TV/DSL

Good morning! I am closing on a house on Bainbridge Island next week and for the past few years in New England I have gotten spoiled with Comcast for my internet and cable and unfortunately they don't offer it on my part of the street on the Island. The current owners of the house have a satellite dish set up, and after a few phone calls I found out that the dish belongs to the Dish Network and are leaving it there in hopes that we will use their service. Is there anyone in the Seattle area willing to share their opinions about Dish Network vs. Direct TV? I really know little about satellite TV and am curious if you are stuck in a contract?

I'm also stuck getting DSL as well and know that Qwest Telephone offers it for my neighborhood. Anyone have any experience with their services?

Thanks for any feedback, I'm trying to set all this stuff up before moving there next week.
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This Saturday:

Sat. Mar. 20 @ 11am. Seattle First Baptist Church, 1111 Harvard Ave. First Hill, Seattle

A global day of protest on the one-year anniversary of the Iraq War.

11:00am - Memorial Interfaith Service at Seattle First Baptist Church, 1111 Harvard Avenue on First Hill

Noon - March from Harvard & Seneca to Downtown Seattle

1:00pm - Rally downtown

More info (including printable fliers) at

day trip

any suggestions for a nice little day trip/road trip so i can get the heck outta dodge this weekend? i've been to port townsend before and i really liked it (at least for one day)... i'm looking for anything that doesn't require driving through snow.


inFusion Tribal Belly Dance in March

Thursday, March 18th, 8pm
Third Thursday at the Capitol Club
414 E Pine, Capitol Hill

Enjoy some amazing food and specialty drinks, then kick back and enjoy tribal fusion belly dance in a lush modern Moroccan atmosphere. inFusion performs two sets every Third Thursday, at 8pm and 9pm in the lounge (21+). No cover, but plan to get yourself some helpings of the incredible food at Capitol Club, and the delicious "Casbah" served up in a martini glass--it really is * that * good!
Thanks to our regular "fans" who have been coming month after month. We love to see your smiling faces and hear your enthusiastic zaghareets!

Saturday, March 27th, 8pm
Derby Salon and KEXP Present Amy Blaschke
Derby Salon and Day Spa
6315 Roosevelt Way

A community concert at Derby Salon and Day Spa in the Roosevelt Neighborhood, with musical guest Amy Blaschke and performance by inFusion Tribal Belly Dance. Derby Salon is a fantastic little shop, with not only a full range of day spa treatments, but also make-up services, handbags, jewelry, and other unique gift items by local artisans. Concert is Free!

Posting Boards

Can anyone here suggest some good places to post fliers? I'm still looking to sell the fancy-schmancy bass guitar that I posted about not that long ago locally and I'd like to post some for sale signs in areas that have good visibility.
I don't have a (working) staple gun, so telephone poles are definitely out. Basically I'm looking for anything in/on/around the Downtown/Capitol Hill area so I can post these things as I go between my apartment and school... kind of along the lines of the board at Bauhaus, but maybe not quite so crowded.
Any ideas?