March 15th, 2004

wireless service?

what cell phone services work well in Seattle and don't charge out the ass for roaming?
I wanna get a phone with an Atlanta number so I can keep in touch with everyone on the way across the country... that way it wouldnt be long distance, but I'd have to get a phone that has service all across the country.

Easter brunch buffet

Does anyone know of a good place for Easter brunch? I am looking for someplace where you have to dress and has a good selection of fruit, meats, breakfast foods and deserts. Oh, I am looking for a buffet. I know it is still a month away but I want to make sure I will be able to get a reservation.

(no subject)

Hey folks,
I run a campus newspaper and am looking for Seattle-area stuff to put in the calendar. Anyone know of anything in the Seattle/Shoreline area going down between March 29 and April 12 that's free and all-ages? (Some cheap stuff and selected benefit shows also considered.)

Thanks, and carry on.
i do what I want!

(no subject)

Can anybody tell me of any place that's open past 10 pm where I can sit around and write? I'm thinking of more of a cafe type place where I won't be taking up a table in a server's section. No place like The Hurricane, thanks. I used to cook there and have no desire to return. I just want to go someplace late that would be okay with my sitting for a few hours.