March 14th, 2004

sparkle motion


I just got back from Whistler and have two adult lift tickets that I could not use....they're good any day from now until June 1st, if anyone wants them, they are $71 Canadian normally(something like 55 bucks each American, I think) someone can have them for fifty or so each--which, if you buy both, is a delightful ten dollar savings! How frugal of you!

Come on.


=^.~= miau?

hello, my friends!
i'm looking to adopt a little 8 week old kitten somewhere in seattle and i was wondering if anyone knew where i could find one.
i've called around, but its not really "kitten season", apparently.
is anyone selling??

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Restraining Order : Good Fences make good neighbors

During a fight with one of our neighbors, he told one of my house mates what color her bedroom was painted. I don't know if this means he's been in our house or been peaking in the window, but it obviously scared the heck out of me. There has been a continual fight with this guy since before we moved in (he hates our landlords as well). I don't know if it would just piss him off more if we were to get a restraining order and I don't know exactly the details and limitations of one. Does anyone have any info or advice? Do you think we have grounds for one? Thanks.
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snowboard gear for sale

play it again won't buy my gear because it's the end of the season, so i'm hoping that one of you would like to grab a cheap snowboard package for next season. for sale i have:

  • a snowboard - 151 cm (for riders approx. 5'5" - 5'10") - made by liquid, only used for half of a season.

  • switch standard-x step-in bindings - easy to click in, click out - new, never used

  • vans brand 'flyaway' xhb switch boots (to fit the bindings), size 7 in men's (roughly a women's 9) - new, never worn, tags intact

  • a snowboard bag - never used, a little dusty because it was under my bed

$100 OBO

pictures available upon request.

i live in the u-district and pick-up would be preferable, but i may be able to be talked into a delivery. :)

Smoke-free bars?

I'm looking for bars that are non-smoking. Already know about the Old Town in Ballard and the 74th Street Alehouse in Greenwood. Are there any others around the northern parts of Seattle?

indian pizza?

I was in San Francisco recently and ate at Zante's pizza. They serve really excellent pizza covered in Indian food. Anyone know of a similar place in this neck of the woods?
cane stripes


My SO is coming to visit in May and we need to find a hotel/motel type place to stay in rather than my house to avoid emotional trauma. c_c

Anyway. It would be for a Thursday and Friday night and I'm trying to find somewhere cheap but not frightening and hopefull near Cap Hill or Downtown. Suggestions?