March 12th, 2004

Record Swap?

Does anyone have any information about the record swap at the Crocodile Cafe this Sunday? I saw it listed on their website, but can't tell if you bring records and trade, or if it's just a sale. I have tons of records, but no money, so this will determine whether I go.

Also, any recommendations as to how to find out about upcoming record conventions (other than checking the Seattle Times calendar of events weekly)?

you can't beat free food

there is a new restaurant at 80th and Lake City (8007 Lake City Way) called LC's Kitchen that is having an open house this Sunday.
that means FREE FOOD from 4 - 7, samples of what's on their menu. the owner/chef used to work at cafe flora and somewhere else really good, i forget where. i've been there, it's really good. the food is casual, sandwiches and stuff.

so right now union square grill, metropolitan grill and elliot's oyster house are having a special- effectually you pay full price the first time, but your next meal there is free. the website has menus for each restaurant (and although union square and the metropolitan are steak houses, they do have lots of fish options and i think one vegetarian option)
Alone [by me]

The Politically Correct Grocery List

The Politically Correct Grocery List
Friday, March 12, 2004

National Public Radio's
The Conversation on KUOW
1 pm Pacific
4 PM Eastern
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Saving the world through grocery shopping.

You might be one of the growing number of Americans who buy food in a socially responsible way, but do you know what the label Fair Trade really means? How about Certified Sustainable or natural? Then of course there's organic, free-range, farm-raised, hormone-free and more. Who certifies this stuff? Can you trust them?

Does you shopping really make a difference, or does it just make you feel good, and ... what's wrong with that? During this National call-in, find out what all these designations mean and don't mean; how to shop with a conscious.

Find out how you shop, what you sacrifice, what you get out of it, and to what lengths you're just not willing to go to.

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Hi people.

By the time I'm done with school and then work it's late and I still have to find a way to get some studying in...

Where- OH WHERE- is a place (coffee shop, internet cafe, etc) around Seattle that stays open late and is at least an okay place to study?? The best I've been able to do is the Barnes and Noble in the U-Village, but it's only open until 11. It's starting to get really frustrating. :(