March 11th, 2004


Pasta Freska

I'm going to Pasta Freska for dinner tonight, I have heard there's no menu the chef comes out and decides what he wants to cook for you, than provides the wine to match the dish. I'm adventurous so this is fine for me but I wanted to if anyone's been there and what their experience has been. Good, Bad, Fun? Thanks!
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A 9 inch gash in a Nuclear War Tip!

Phyllis Mann, who as director of Kitsap County's Emergency Management Division works with the Navy and monitors Navy incidents, said county and state records show no "broken arrow" was reported as is required. Defense Department directives require the FBI as lead civilian agency to be notified, as well as local and state emergency services.

"She's not surprised, however. If the missile was banged up but nothing was released, reporting of the incident might not be required."

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Linux Systems Administrator

Danga Interactive ( is looking for a Linux Systems Administrator wizard to join its team in Seattle, WA. Details can be found here. If you meet our requirements, or know someone in the area who fits the description, mail us at

i do what I want!

FREE stuff

Free to whomever gets it first:

  • 2 6' bookshelves
  • 1 3' bookshelf
  • a 4-drawer dresser (it's been the same sienna color since I was younger, but it's wood, so can be sanded down and refinished)
  • a 70's style couch
  • a 50's style color television, encased in wood panelling

    Here's the deal: You have to come with your own transpo. If you can haul it, you can have it. I need to get rid of it all ASAP, because I'm currently storing it all someplace that I can't anymore. So. E-mail me with queries, statements, general curiosities, etc.

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    Upcoming Radio Disney Event(s)

    I work for Radio Disney AM 1250 and used to post event info on a semi-regular basis for those who expressed interest in being kept up to date. But I have been a horrible slacker as of late and so thought I'd share a current event [series of events, actually] that will hopefully interest some with kids aged 14 and under.

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    (no subject)

    i'm looking for a laptop, 200mhz minimum, 500mhz preferred, and anything higher than that is beautiful too. also preferably linux compatible - if anyone has one they don't need and would be willing to get rid of - im me on aim @ thegeekmeister1 or e-mail me @ thegeekmeister at safe-mail dot net, or just comment on here.

    and if this is a taboo post, eh, i'm sorry. i'll delete it if too many people bitch.