March 10th, 2004

My baby Ghia

Antique VW repair in the Seattle area?

Hi, I'm moving my antique VW to Washington from CT in a couple of weeks, and since the company that is transporting it can't bring it on the ferry to my new house on Bainbridge Island, I am trying to figure out another solution. The car was recently oozing some liquid and I want to get it checked out with a great mechanic that is very knowledgeble of antique VW's, and since the car can not be brought over on the ferry by the transport company, I figure I can just have it delivered to the mechanics garage and have it tuned up and fixed up there and then eventually bring the car over on the ferry myself.

So, does anyone have any referrals? Preferably not in downtown Seattle, but a suburb near there?

Thanks for any help! :-)

(no subject)

I'm looking for a place local, which sells tables like this:

I'm sure that since retro is back, they are pretty popular. I'm not looking for some place like "Area 51" on capitol hill...I just want a table. It doesn't have to look very much like the picture, but I want the metal rim around the side. Doesn't matter what the top looks like, as I will refinish anyway. The rest should be sturdy and in good enough shape to have in a kitchen.

flyer ideas?

Hoping this isn't too spammy, but I'm looking for ideas for local targets other than diaper bundling. I had a pile of this flyer printed up and they are mostly reserved for baby diaper service bundles and as handouts. The flyers get bundled in with the clean diaper delivery... an organic veggie delivery service, Cotton Caboodle and various kindermusic etc. classes have used this method and it seems like it could be an effective marketing strategy judging from my sample of, um, one. I have a bunch left from the first run, and am wondering where else might be best to get the word out in 8-1/2x11" flyer form. It can be folded down the middle if need be.

Do local periodicals allow you to stuff them with inserts? If so I imagine there's a fee, or does anyone know of a local mag that allows stuffing for free? Seems unlikely or I would see more of them, or maybe it's just too expensive and time consuming?

Anyway, thanks for any ideas. Here is the ad, which should explain why I'm targeting diaper service customers.



I'm once again looking for someone with EDI experience. If you've worked for a company that exchanged electronic purchase orders with Wal-Mart that would be especially helpful. Good salary, east side, please contact me if you know anyone!

Sysadmin leads

I'm looking for any leads anyone may have on Unix systems administration positions. I'm currently looking for work. I have 5 years of relevant experience, including administering large corporate production networks. Commuting, telecommuting, or lots of travel are all fine.
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Red Alert! All nighter off the port bow!

So! I turn 25 a little over 25 hours. Weird eh? On this eve of my being a quarter of a century old, I shall be pulling an all nighter preparing for my final test in Critical Approaches to Communications and writing my final paper for the same class. I need a soundtrack, and I'd like to tap the vast musical geniuses of Livejournal to do it.

Fast, slow, happy, sad, nostalgic, new, rare, bizarre....any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I can feel that I am moving into my second great musical renaissance after a rather long dry spell augmented by no time and losing my first rennaisance in a horrible computer accident. Expand my horizons. :)