March 9th, 2004

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kayaking classes

i had heard that there are places in the seattle area that offer kayaking classes. does anyone know where i may find some more info on this. i googled for "kayaking classes, seattle" and now have a few leads, but i was also checking to see if anyone else has any suggestions. thanks in advance.

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My lease is up on April 1st and I want to get the hell out of my current apartment.
Looking to share a place or rent a room, spending ~$300-$400/mo.
I don't do drugs, smoke outdoors, only drink when I'm out. NO pets. I write music and I do that quite often but I can use headphones.

Contact me @ unternull @ eyendesign . com



Hound Bash!

Anyone ever been to Woodinville's annual Hound Bash parade? I've never been, but sounds like a few hundred basset hound owners parade their dressed-up droopy-eyed low-profile pooches down the street... does anyone know anymore about this? Anything a newbie would want to be mindful of while attending this event?

I believe it is held March 27 this year. Can't wait!
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Live herbs in Seattle?

I used to get them at The Herb Farm in Fall City but that was before the fire.

So, where is the best place to get a good selection of potted herbs? I'm looking for things like Sicilian oregano, different types of basil, tarragon, mints, exotic flowers, etc. I'm aware that places like Fred Meyer and Home Depot have some basic herbs in their garden centers, but I'm looking for some place that specializes specifically in herbs.

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New Gear?!?!?!?

My bass player Robbie and I are seriously contemplating buying the new Bose L1 Personalized Amplification System. We went to Guitar Center and checked one out, Collapse ) The thing sounds INCREDIBLE!! There aren't words to describe the clarity. And it projects for miles. The claims say you won't need a P.A. system, mixing board, or sound guy while playing live ever again if your whole band is set up with these things. We were totally skeptical at first but we're slowly becoming convinced. Just wondering if any one out here in the LJ-Verse has had any experience with this thing. Hopefully some musicians that play the local Seattle and Olympia Wa. clubs will chime in with an opinion. It's pricey, around two grand, but that's not too much more than a high end amp. Any feedback would be totally appreciated!!

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there is nothing more painful than car shopping.

I noticed a few entries asking about buying cars and dealerships.

I thought it would help to pass on this amazing...yet very long...article about the tactics of car salesmen. Me and my boyfriend have purchased 2 vehicles. Although I think we got a fair deal...we could have saved ourselves a heap of pain and suffering by knowing some inside info.

Heres the idea: hired someone to get a job as a car salesman at various dealerships and then write a expose on everything he was taught.

Heres the article:
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Anybody know of stores that might carry Pink Floyd shirts? Specifically the burning man one. I know I might be able to get one online but I don't really have time to wait for it to ship.

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downtown restaurants

i'm looking for a very nice restaurant downtown, definitely somewhere pretty dressy. does anyone have thoughts on chez shea or campange? where would you go (walking distance to 5th ave theatre) for a romantic dinner? help me out, seattle!

edit: we don't eat red or white meat, sometimes fish and shellfish, so we're looking for somewhere with some options that don't include beef, pork or poultry. thanks!

selling off a few snakes..

I'm getting adults, so I need to sell off a few snakes from my collection.

2003 Female Granite phase spotted python, eating f/t $115

2003 Male Normal spotted python, eating f/t $80

2003 Female African House Snake, Olive colored, eating f/t $80

2003 Female African House Snake, Normal/lace colored, eating f/t $60

Free (but you have to pay shipping) 2003 male Crawl Cay BCI, has some neurological problems, pretty sure its not IBD, but I'd keep him away from other snakes. Has not eaten since December 2003. I've put over $200 in medical bills into his care, and either I need to give him away or euthanize him. :( I'd rather give him to someone who has more time and is willing to care for him.

I have photos of all of them, up on my site:

If anyone is interested, let me know.

printing places?

hi -- i looked through the memories already but didn't see anything. i am in search of a cheap printer for large oversize prints -- something that i would get a kinko's except preferable cheaper and hopefully in color. i am looking to get something printed that would be similar to the advertisements that clubs paste up around town.

any recommendations would be appreciated. much thanks.
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My boyfriend and I really enjoy our beer in massive quantities/served in oddly-shaped vessels. Does anyone around here know where we could get a couple of half-yards??

Capitol Hill area is where we live, but we'd travel.

We checked the memories, but didn't really turn up anything on this front.