March 8th, 2004

The King

Finally Some Sunshine!!

Everyone I've ran into in the neighborhood today has seemed pretty chipper. Either that or I'm so happy to see the sun that I'm not paying attention to what everyone else is doing so I just assume everyone else is in a great mood. Anyhow, I took a couple of pictures so I can remember what the area looks like without the grey cloud filter in place. Figured you all might dig it...

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Where to find a good bike

I'm looking for a bike - preferrably a hybrid/cross model, with the street wheels instead of a mountain bike wheel, but the straight handlebars instead of hte drop bars.

Some models I've looked at and liked are the Sirrus and the Trek 7500.

I've checked out Gregg's (both bellevue and greenlake), Performance, and bicycles west in Bellevue. However, I've *only* found these two models that fit the hybrid/cross bike I'm looking for.

Are there any other places I can check out in/around Seattle? I've called a couple other places and they don't even carry any cross/hybrid bikes. :(

Thanks for the help.
gray woman

(no subject)

I have gotten some great ideas from the memories section of this community already, but I need more options:

I am looking for some volunteer opportunities for my son (age 12) to do for his middle school community service. He is probably going to work at Northwest Harvest and we are planning some outdoor environmental cleanups of streams in our area, but he needs 40 hours in the next two months. He loves animals but may be too young to help out in a shelter. He is very interested in environmental causes too.
Any contacts or ideas?


Dido Tickets

I am going to the May 19th Dido concert at the Paramount with a few friends. Unfortunately, one of my friends and I both bought tickets and now I have three extras. The seats are in the first mezzanine Section 14, Row D, seats 5-7. I paid 123.20 and am looking to recoup my cost.

Shoot me a quick e-mail at jess98926 @ if this sounds like something you are interested in.