March 7th, 2004


Yesterday I went to see the T-Birds play the Chiefs, my first hockey game. I thought it was a pretty rad sport to watch, even though I don't understand the rules. I love how the players just climb over the wall to enter and leave the rink:
(picture of Chiefs)Collapse )
I love the antagonistic crowds. Only at a hockey game does the entire crowd boo as the rival team is being introduced. Only at a hockey game do I get to listen to the guy behind me yell "atta girl" all night to the players. Only at a hockey game does the entire audience cheer wildly as players brawl. What could be cooler than that? I saw one good fight where two guys were punching each other in the head sans helmets and all over the ice for a good minute--it was awesome! If the T-Birds marketing team would think to film thirty seconds of that shit and turn it into an ad their ticket sales would be off da' hook!

The audience consisted of one of the largest confluences of nerds I've ever seen in Seattle (click for nerds)
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Don't take said nerdiness as a negative. I mean this seemingly offensive observation in the same way one might acknowledge that the lot of people at the Star Trek convention were "nerdy". I just found it noteably unusual. Is that the typical hockey crowd, minor league sports crowds? Is it like that with the Canucks as well?

Anyway, it was a cool new experience and I highly recommend you check out the T-Birds.
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Desperately Seeking Roommate

2 girls and 1 guy looking for a roommate (preferably female) to share a 4-bedroom, 2.5 bath, West Seattle house. Rent is $300/month/person with about $65/person in utilities, $300/person deposit required. No smoking and no non-caged pets. Downtown busline in front of house. Great environment for working person or student. Please call (206) 935-0540 or email

ISO Waffles

I'm in search of Waffles, of the Belgian variety. I want thick, crispy, flavorful, melt in your mouth waffles. Ones that can hold an ounce of syrup, and half of a pound of butter in each of the little waffle valleys. Every where I go I find these thin, usually undercooked, giant sized cousins to the Eggo. If I wanted a waffle that thin I'd buy a waffle cone; at least then I'd get some ice cream to add flavor. Please, Seattle, point me in the right direction.