March 4th, 2004

anyone like jewelry?

we're having a big Sale this weekend at our place (good timing for my demotion at work). got some sterling silver & handcrafted jewelry, Congos, bike, clothes, DVDs, CDs. should be good times with crazy people..

SAT 8am / SUN 9am
10001 sand point way NE

thank you:)

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i'm all about the questions lately, but this has been a great resource.

today's is "do any of you know any fantastic banks or credit unions with a branch on capitol hill?" i'm a bit credit union fan, but king county credit union has been sucking the butt, and i'd like to change.
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Bass fo' Sale

Hey everybody, sorry for the x-posting madness.
I've got a really sweet fretless four string bass I'd like to sell without having to go to a guitar shop. It's made by Tune technologies, a company that was really big with the hair metal bands of the mid 80s. It's pearl colored and almost identical to an Ibanez road bass in shape, but about five times better in quality. Tune is a Japanese company that hand assembles all of their instruments, and their stuff is increasingly hard to find over here since they stopped distributing to the U.S.
The guy at Bass NorthWest offered me $400 for it, but I thought I'd try to get some offers from someone who isn't going to sell it at a 150% markup before I took his filthy guitar store money.
Example, with frets:

Email me for more pictures, etc:
ultramonkey5000 @ hotmail . com

Gulf of Mexico

I am posting this for a friend who does not have a LJ account of his own....

Hey all, I'm doing a project for my comparative religion final on the varying religious views people have on sexual behavior - specifically, premarital sex. I'm taking a cross-section of people in Seattle and in small-town Alaska, so if you have the time to answer some questions, that'd be great. (I want to have equal representation of different views, so the more I get the better.) If you have any questions about any of this, lemme know. The list of questions looks long, but no matter your religious preference, you only have to answer half. Names will be kept completely private, unless you tell me different. Please email responses to jerich0 (at) u . washington . edu if you do not want to post your answers in a comment. (That is a zero at the end of jerich0, not an o.)

Thanks a lot! :D

- Donald

Oh yeah, this is for a paper due on Monday, so the sooner the better. Thanks ;)

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