March 2nd, 2004

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Wine Events

Someone made a posting a while ago about wine tasting events in the area, but I can't find the post in the memories. I believe it was part of a group with email winelover?

Looking for wine tasting events now that Wine Brats has closed down! Thanks!
Werner Karl Heisenberg

Motorcycle Parking in downtown area

I haven't ridden my motorcycle in downtown area. I am just wondering about the parking situation over there. Do the same car parking rules apply for motorcycle also, or can you actually squeeze the bike into some non-intrusive space? :) Would be great to know fellow motorcyclist's suggestions.



okay, this may seem like an odd question but i have tickets for a show at the Tacoma dome and due to circumstances not in my control i wasnt able to get tickets into the floor only in the seats. SO i bought them and i was wondering if any one has experiance with sneaking into the pit or know how, it be much appriciated if some one could inform mee!