February 29th, 2004


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Models Wanted
for long-term portrait photography sessions

I am looking for someone who is not typical model material and whom would be comfortable sharing portions of their everyday life and routine with myself and my camera. I am very interested in people who are not phased by a clicking shutter and someone quietly tagging along behind them, documenting various moments of their day.

Gender - not important, location negotiable, compensation would be regular visits by yours truly - excessive artistic discussions/field=trips - and online access to all of the photos.

Again, I am looking for people who are comfortable sharing their everyday routine with a photographer at odd points in their day. Why don't we meet up for coffee and talk about our ideas/feelings towards the project. I have come up with a few concrete ideas of series I wanted to do if models are interested in single projects specifically.

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I might point out...

In refrence to this post

Bill Reed joined K-ROCK, so the new station that your all so happy doesn't have DJs now does. However he's on Afternoons.

And are we sure it's owned by Clear Water? Etercom seems to own all the stations areound here. 99.9, 1077. I was convinved that Entercom owned 104.9 but a quick check on the site and it notes Clear Water.

Anyway just thought I'd point that out. Mostly because I heard it this morning when I drove my landlord to the airport.
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Where are the bike racks?

Hey, everyone. Sorry for the post, but I can't find the stuff anywhere. I'm looking for a simple bike rack, that attaches to the trunk of a car. I went to four different places yesterday, and the only one I could find was a vastly overpriced Thule spare-tire model at G.I. Joe's.

Anyone know where I can find one for cheap, or does anyone have an extra one they can sell me? I don't care if it holds one or three, I just want one, and soon.

Your help is appreciated! :)
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Demolition this weekend.

I was driving through downtown Saturday, and I noticed (well, it was hard to not to notice since they had all but one lane blocked) that they were demolishing what I *think* was part of the Seattle Art Museum on 2nd and Union. I've always thought the building was fairly new, but I haven't been able to find any information on it. Just wondering if anyone knew what was going on.
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