February 27th, 2004

Come see Macbeth!!!

Ghost Light Theatricals Presents
William Shakespeare’s MACBETH

February 26 – March 13
Thursday through Saturday
7:30 PM
Freehold’s East Hall Theatre
1529 – 10th Avenue 2nd Floor
Tickets $12, $10 Students/Seniors at ticketwindowonline.com or 206-325-6500

Director Beth Raas brings MACBETH into a modern political light with Ghost Light Theatrical’s production. Set in a fictional Scotland of 2004, the Witches are spin-doctors and any political action is immediately televised, exploited in tabloids, and broadcast over the Internet.

Shakespeare’s MACBETH explores the way the morals of a political leader affect his entire country. Caught between what he knows to be morally wrong and a limitless craving for power, Macbeth spirals into a frenzy of murder and destruction.


Just a friendly remnder that Sunday is the big day! The Emerald City Comic Book Convention at Seahawks Stadium! Celebrities, publishers, movie studios, and lots of 30-year-old virgins who smell of mildew, sweat, and desperation!

Folks, this is really a big event. For my people, this is a very important Holiday! Much like Martn Luther King Jr. Day is to the African-American community, Emerald City Comic Con Day is to the Geek/Nerd comunity. A day of equality for all, regadless of race, creed, religion, or Star Trek franchise preference. A day when the Superman crowd can mingle with the Star Wars fans and hve sometng in common. A day when the Farscape Nation and the Stargate SG-1 Army lay down their weapons and come together as one. It is a day that can and should be celebrated by all, in the spirit of Unity!

Join me, won't you? The doors open at 10am. See you there!

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Don't spend another Women's History Month fawning over past feminist
idols--fall in love with new ones at our "Make Your Own History"
Spoken Word Poetry Show. Come hear some of the hottest Seattle spoken
word by up and coming women artists.

What: Spoken Word Poetry Show
When: Tuesday, March 2nd: 7:30 pm
Where: University of Washington Hub Auditorium

Featuring the work of:
Zan Scommodau
Kory Martin-Damon
Lane Stroud
Becky Guerra
Zaedryn Meade

Sponsored by the ASUW Women's Action Commission and the Q-Something
Womyn-Identified Interest Group (QWIIG).

Questions? Contact asuwomn@u.washington.edu, 543-1817.