February 26th, 2004

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I *love* Seattle....I haven't been out there in so long (I currently live in Vancouver Canada)...so, how has it changed in the past, say 3 years? If anything? Anything worth mentioning? I havent' been out that way since April of 2001...*sighs*...
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Magnolia Rooms for Rent

Hello all!

We have two bedrooms available for rent on March 15 in a laid-back, vaguely alternative, excessively geeky and beautiful 6-bedroom home on top of Magnolia. Details, pictures, and contact information are here.

Lord of the house is bjennings76, and roommates so far are myself and burtlo.
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I live near Mill Creek on Bothell Everett Highway. I currently live in a 1 bedroom and will be moving into a 2 as soon as I find a roomie. I would like to move in by the end of the month or perhaps next month.
I'm looking for a non smoking, m or f, who is not too loud, doesn't have loud parties who is willing to commit to at least 1 year.

Help appreciated.

I know I saw it once before in here, I just can't seem to find it anywhere.

Can someone help me with the acronym-sentence-thinger that helps you remember the streets downtown? And also what the streets are? It's something like Jesus Created Seattle .. etc.

Ha, I sound so intelligent. I know my way around downtown just by memory, but my roommate is from California and I'm trying to find things to make it easier for her since I don't know street names I just know where things are.

Thanks to whoever can make sense of this and help me out. ;)

Recreational sports leagues?

I was wondering if anyone knows of any men's recreational sports leagues in the area? Either baseball, softball, basketball, or lacrosse would be great. I'm in the central district and don't mind travelling a bit to get to a good one! Thanks in advance.